Dear PointPay family,

As the week draws to a close, it's time for our Weekly Update! We've gathered all the latest news, events, and changes for you. Stay informed about everything happening at PointPay!

PointPay News

This week kicked off with the exciting announcement that our PXP Token Swap is supported by the WhiteBit and Bitrue exchanges. Since March 26, deposits, withdrawals, and trading of PXP have been halted on these platforms. Until April 2, each platform will conduct an automatic token swap for users who have not yet completed this process on PointPay. Trading of the new PXP will resume after April 2!

On Wednesday, we announced the Pre-launch of PXP on PointPay. By April 2, the PXP token is set to debut on three exchanges: WhiteBit, Bitrue, and PointPay. To ensure a smooth launch and price formation in line with the market, we are initiating a testing phase. Before the public release, we'll verify that everything is functioning correctly and assess user interest. Your support will be invaluable, so participate in testing and help PXP make a triumphant entry into a new era!

Another significant announcement was the expansion of staking capabilities on PointPay. A total of 21 new assets are now available for staking on our platform: SOL, DASH, XVS, RDNT, FLOKI, DAI, MATIC, BAND, LPT, INJ, FET, EGLD, DOT, APE, ATOM, TRX, AXS, AVAX, ADA, NEAR, XTZ. Rewards for some positions reach up to 11% APR! With rewards paid out every 30 days, you can further maximize benefits and have greater flexibility in asset management!

Continuing with listings: this week, the cryptocurrency assortment on PointPay expanded once again! The new asset is Pixels (PIXEL). This cryptocurrency is already available for trading, buying/selling, storage, and other operations. Feel free to try it out yourself.

Equally important news is the information about adjustments to User Levels in line with the new PXP. An article has already been released on our blog, so familiarize yourself with how the new bonuses work.

The concluding news is the recent AMA session. As always, Vladimir Kardapoltsev shared details of upcoming changes, made a series of highly intriguing announcements, and summarized not only this month but also the entire first quarter. Additionally, many user questions received answers. If you missed the live broadcast, you can catch up on everything in the recording on our YouTube channel.

Crypto News

After a significant surge, BTC underwent a correction phase. This wasn't unexpected, and the community viewed the price retracement to the $67,000 level with understanding. However, this week Bitcoin resumed its ascent and managed to return to the $70,000 mark! A highly positive sign indicating that the primary cryptocurrency intends to solidify its position at new highs.

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