At PointPay, we constantly strive to provide maximum opportunities and convenience in asset management for every user. We understand that staking is a crucial aspect of preserving and growing one's assets, utilized by thousands of users. That's why we're expanding our range of staking options!

Starting from March 27, PointPay offers 24 different staking options, with the majority being brand new! All new staking options will have a uniform staking period of 30 calendar days. Once a month, you'll be able to receive rewards according to your stake and decide whether to restake the asset or manage it differently.

With an extensive array of staking options now available, there's something for everyone's liking!

Here's a list of the new staking options and their APR:

Please note that rewards are paid out monthly. By restaking your assets, including rewards, you could potentially earn even more over the course of the year, as rewards are accrued on both the newly added and previously received portions. Thus, you have the opportunity to leverage staking with APY!

Don't miss out on the opportunity; start staking your assets today!

Additionally, staking options are still available for PXP, ETH, and USDT with rewards up to 7%, 3%, and 3.5% APR respectively. Plus, there's an ongoing promotion for PXP, boosting the staking percentage for any amount of PXP. The maximum APR reaches 8%!

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