Our ambitious plans to revamp PXP are being successfully realized. Nevertheless, PXP is an integral part of PointPay, which means that along with the token's update, other changes must follow. 

One such change is the update and overhaul of the PXP User Levels. We have not only worked on the amount of PXP required to achieve a certain level but have also improved the system, making it simpler, more understandable, and more advantageous!

The New User Levels

Meet the new PXP User Levels! Starting today, users have access to 5 different levels, each offering greater bonuses. Let's look at each one:

The first and basic level is Zinc. Every PointPay user receives this and can immediately enjoy pleasant bonuses.

The second level is Bronze. Lower commissions and higher discounts!

The third level is Silver. For more experienced PXP users who will find applications for it.

The fourth level is Gold. You will definitely know how to extract significant benefits from the bonuses!

The fifth level is Platinum. The absolute pinnacle that will be attained by the most avid PXP enthusiasts and provide maximum bonuses to its holders.

These five levels now represent all available User Levels. It is now easier to navigate them and select what truly suits you. Moreover, the bonuses of these levels have become more advantageous: Taker/Maker Fees have been reduced by several points compared to the previous User Levels.

PointPay is taking another step forward in its development. With this, we are taking a step towards all our users. Our systems are once again becoming better, more convenient, more understandable, and more advantageous for you!

Use PointPay's services and extract maximum benefit for yourself. Try new User Levels as they are already available on our website and mobile applications!

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