PointPay has initiated the pre-launch of the PXP Token on its own exchange platform. This marks the commencement of trading for the new PXP token following the swap.

Determining the initial price:  The initial price of the token is established during the pre-launch PXP Token trading phase, influenced by market supply and demand dynamics. This process serves to gauge investor interest in the project and set an appropriate price for subsequent trading activities.

Preparation for the public launch:  Pre-Launch Token Trading serves as part of the groundwork for the forthcoming public launch of the new iteration of the PXP token post-swap, scheduled for April 2 on three exchanges - PointPay, Bitrue, & Whitebit. It enables developers to fine-tune trading systems, provide liquidity to the token, and establish an initial participant base poised to engage actively in the public market.

The Trading Phase:  constitutes a pivotal step in the token project's progression, facilitating the establishment of initial parameters and readiness for a successful debut in the public market.

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