Dear PointPay family,

We find ourselves amidst the heart of Black Friday! It's a time of discounts, benefits, and great spirits! However, this doesn't mean we'll overlook our regular Weekly Update. There have been numerous events this week, and it's prime time to take another look at them.

PointPay News

Monday at PointPay marked the kickoff of Black Friday Week. We've announced all the upcoming events and have begun rolling them out!

The first planned event was the USDT trading competition. This seemingly routine activity has taken on an entirely new scale thanks to an increased, festive prize pool. Winners will walk away with a whopping $40,000 next Monday, November 27!

And you could be one of these winners. Participating in the competition requires a few simple steps:

  • Confirm your participation on the competitions tab.
  • Trade any pairs with USDT.

The top three participants demonstrating the highest trading volume will claim victory. Best of luck!

The second event was another competition, but its rules and objectives turned out to be entirely different! The PointPay Meme Contest became an opportunity for users to showcase their imagination and sense of humor. The task is crystal clear: create a meme featuring PointPay and post it on the social media platform X with the hashtag #pointpaymeme.

Already, dozens of excellent and amusing works can be found under the tag. But you still have a chance to join the fray because the winner will only be announced during the AMA session on November 30! The selection of the best meme will be entrusted to the CEO, and a prize of 10,000 PXP will be awarded to the winner!

Finally, as Black Friday itself approached, it was time to reveal all the details of our third event! Black Friday makes stakes doubleβ€”this became the highlight of this week. Moreover, it's actively happening right now, only today!

Any user can participate in this event to receive doubled APR on staking. Please note, only new deposits in PXP are eligible for the promotion! To seize this opportunity, transfer tokens to the PXP platform today and stake them! This will ensure you receive double rewards at the end of the term!

As the cherry on top, two new assets were also listed on Friday! They are TRB and XVS. Both assets are already available on the platform for trading and storage. More opportunities and choices for PointPay users!

This week's event list culminates in an announcement for the next week. Next Thursday, November 30, PointPay will conduct its traditional AMA session. Apart from announcing the results of the Meme Contest, there will be much more to explore! Expect discussions on all the month's events and changes, cryptocurrency news, plans, and announcements for the upcoming month, along with answers to user questions from CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev!

You can also ask your own questions. Do it now through the special form!

Cryptocurrency News

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there have also been interesting and unusual events worth noting.

On November 22, Wednesday, Binance CEO CZ stepped down from his position due to disputes with U.S. regulators. The Department of Justice leveled a series of accusations against CZ, including fraud, money laundering, manipulation, and sanctions violations. Consequently, CZ was compelled to step down from his position, which he held for 6 years.

Binance admitted guilt and agreed to pay fines amounting to approximately $4.3 billion. The ensuing panic among users led to an outflow of funds from the exchange totaling $1 billion within a day.

Nevertheless, the top-ranking exchange continues to stand firm, holding over $60 billion across various assets.

On a positive note, Bitcoin's price remained fairly steady around $37.5 thousand throughout the week, with a minor dip on Wednesday. Most likely, the temporary price drop was directly linked to the unexpected news about Binance and CZ's departure.

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