The long-awaited Black Friday soon will be here, and with it comes the best deals! And we've got something exceptional lined up. Pay close attention!

Only on November 24th, on Black Friday, PointPay will be doubling all staking on new PXP deposits!

The rules of this offer are incredibly straightforward. Throughout the entire day on November 24th, you can stake PXP on the PointPay platform with a doubled APR. For instance, on a regular day, if you stake 100,000 PXP for 12 months, your percentage will be 3.125%. However, on Black Friday, under the same conditions, the percentage will be 6.25%!

This offer applies exclusively to new PXP transferred to the platform on November 24th. So, if you have 10,000 PXP in an external wallet and transfer them to the platform on November 24th, you can stake them at the doubled rate.

PXP already on the platform cannot be used to receive the doubled rate or be added to the stake of newly transferred PXP. Otherwise, the offer will no longer apply to your stake, and it will be processed under regular conditions.

Stake with double the percentage!

To receive the double stake percentage, simply follow the usual staking procedure, ensuring two conditions are met:

  • Start staking on November 24th (Black Friday)
  • The PXP placed in staking was transferred to the platform on November 24th and not placed in the savings account.

Once all conditions are met, your PXP staking will be automatically recognized, and you'll see the doubled percentage!

How to participate if you're unsure where, how, or why?

To ensure you grab the opportunity, let's briefly explain where and what you need to do to participate!

Step one - acquire some PXP. Currently, you can officially purchase PXP on two exchanges: Bitrue and Whitebit! The process is standard: input cryptocurrency for exchange, conduct the exchange, and transfer the acquired PXP.

Step two - transfer PXP to your PointPay account. Log in to your account and navigate to the "Deposit" tab. Among all cryptocurrencies, select PXP and copy the address of your PXP wallet on PointPay. Then, use this address for transfer from the exchange or your own wallet.

Step three - await the crediting of PXP. Transaction processing might take a few minutes. When PointPay's algorithms detect the incoming transfer, you'll immediately see your PXP in your balance.

Step four - staking. Go to the Staking/Earn tab. There, select the PXP cryptocurrency type, specify the duration, and enter the amount for staking. This amount should not exceed the volume you've transferred. Note that during transactions, you might have spent some tokens on fees, so a slightly lesser amount might have arrived on the platform.

Step five - double-check. Ensure the algorithms recognize your staking and display the doubled percentage. To be certain, you can input the anticipated time and stake volume before the transfer. By remembering the percentage, you can later compare it.

Congratulations! Your staking has commenced, and upon completion, you'll receive twice the amount of PXP as usual!

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