Dear PointPay family,

The Black Friday Week has already begun, and we're diving deeper into the celebrations here at PointPay! Humor, jokes, and memes present a fantastic opportunity to engage, learn something new, and simply boost spirits. So why not do all that while also benefiting yourself?

It's time to unveil the details of the PointPay Meme Contest! We've made it incredibly simple for everyone to participate and compete for a prize of 10,000 PXP.

What do you need to participate?

To join the contest, you must be a PointPay user and have an account on X (Twitter). However, if you haven't created the necessary account yet, you can always do so.

What's required to win?

All participants will showcase their sense of humor and meme-making skills! To enter the competition, you need to post an original meme on the X platform and (this is crucial!) include the hashtag #pointpaymeme.

The theme of the meme should be related to PointPay in some way. It could involve our PXP token, ranking positions, the exchange, or anything else related.

When and how will the results be announced?

The results will be revealed during our upcoming AMA session, scheduled for next week, on November 30th, the final Thursday of the month! That's where we'll announce the name of the individual whom we believe has created the best and most hilarious meme featuring PointPay!

We'll also take into account the community's opinion. So, make sure to frequently check #pointpaymeme to evaluate the participants' works and assist us in selecting the winner!

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