As the week draws to a close, it's time for our customary Weekly Update, where we recap all the latest news and developments from the past week, ensuring you stay informed and don't miss out on any opportunities!

PointPay News

The week kicked off with a significant announcement for PointPay - the development of our proprietary PXP blockchain. This initiative, designed to complement and expand our ecosystem and user capabilities, aims to enhance the utility of PXP. It will enable PointPay to leverage and implement its solution, ultimately establishing the PXP token as the native currency of our blockchain. For detailed information, refer to the dedicated article on our blog. Be sure to check it out!

Following the Token Swap, PXP is once again available for trading and transfers. This development comes with several pieces of news. Firstly, PXP is now tradable directly on PointPay, eliminating the need for external resources to acquire PXP and access its benefits. On the PointPay exchange, you can trade the PXP/USDT pair or utilize the Quick Exchange feature. For more information on purchasing PXP on PointPay, refer to our guide article!

Furthermore, PXP is now available on our partner exchanges: Bitrue and WhiteBit! Following the completion of the Token Swap, the updated PXP is now tradable on these platforms. The choice of platform for working with PXP is entirely yours.

To facilitate decision-making, we have temporarily waived withdrawal fees for PXP for the week. You can now withdraw PXP from the PointPay platform completely free of charge. However, please note that this offer applies to withdrawals of 50 PXP or more and is only active for the duration of the week. This presents an excellent opportunity if you transferred your PXP to PointPay solely for the purpose of Token Swap. However, there will soon be even more ways to utilize PXP beneficially on PointPay, so consider carefully before withdrawing tokens!

One of these exciting new opportunities is the Token Booster! This platform is geared towards co-marketing and supporting new, interesting projects. Naturally, users participating in support activities receive their benefits, contingent on the specific project. Explore this new functionality in our article.

Cryptosphere News

This week, Bitcoin has slightly relinquished its positions. From a level of $70,000, BTC dropped to $66,700 and even briefly tested lower levels. However, analysts are confident that this is merely a breather and a minor correction, with significant growth expected in the near future. This could be fueled by the upcoming halving, which is only 15 days away. Stay tuned for the next stage of BTC's development!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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