PointPay is evolving like never before. Over the past few years, we have completely revamped our platform, making it modern, convenient and user-friendly, while also significantly improving the technical aspects by incorporating best practices and technologies. This year, we have already successfully completed a token swap to update our token: PXP is now on the Avalanche blockchain, with a higher price and a smaller Total Supply (100,000,000). The new token is in line with current trends and gives us the opportunity to further increase its utility.

Our next step will be to create our own blockchain! The PointPay blockchain is currently in the testing phase. In essence, our blockchain is a fork of the very popular and modern Ethereum solution. We are maintaining the PoS consensus protocol and introducing EVM support, which will allow easy porting of tokens from Ethereum to the PointPay blockchain and deployment of applications. Developers will be able to launch smart contracts, develop DApps, while users will have access to a variety of assets and their transactions.

At the core of our blockchain, PXP will serve as the native token, facilitating transactions, fee payments, blockchain development voting, and more. As PXP becomes the native token, its utility will increase significantly. In turn, the PointPay blockchain will be able to explore new directions and solutions, attract new users and partners, and serve as an important milestone in the development of the PointPay ecosystem!

In the near future, we will share more details about the development of the PXP blockchain!

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