The initial stages of development pose significant challenges for every project. Few users, difficulty in presenting oneself to the world, and many other issues are faced by almost every project.

PointPay is ready to change this landscape. We present to you our new platform, "Token Booster"! A place where every project will be given a chance to find its user and embark on a triumphant journey.

Token Booster

Our new platform, Token Booster, is an excellent tool for the development of emerging or existing projects that have not yet found their audience. The principle of Token Booster is extremely simple: a project submits its application, lands on the platform, and PointPay users can support it using their PXP tokens and more!

Let's delve into each stage in more detail. The first stage is the application submission. A project seeking more attention comes to our platform. Through a separate form, the project provides information about itself, its goals and objectives, sets the necessary minimum fundraising threshold, shares its story and policies, and any other useful information for potential investors. PointPay will thoroughly verify all data and clarify details. When the project passes the verification, the next stage begins.

The second stage is the release on the platform. At this stage, the project is featured on the platform and becomes accessible to all users. The most interesting part begins: will users support the new projects or find them insufficiently compelling? The decision rests with you. Nonetheless, projects have their ways to attract attention, such as lucrative offers. The specific solutions that projects will offer are unknown even to us, but they will certainly be beneficial and intriguing to PointPay users, allowing them to spend or acquire PXP tokens and project tokens!

The third stage is the final decision. Our platform operates on the principles of crowdfunding platforms. Users can invest their funds in the project, which will fill up its goal scale. If this goal is reached, the project receives funding and commits to fulfill its promises. However, if the goal is not achieved, the project receives nothing, and users get their funds back. Thus, we can ensure that only sufficiently interesting and ambitious projects truly receive investments.

The fourth stage is project development. After receiving funding, the project will execute its established goals and tasks, while users will benefit from it.

Token Booster and PXP

The PXP token will play an important role on the new platform. It may vary from project to project, but it will always be present. You will be able to spend or earn your PXP tokens — it all depends on the conditions.

The Token Booster platform itself will become an essential part of the ecosystem, as well as a modern approach to the development of new projects and co-marketing. Get ready to use your PXP tokens and support and benefit from projects together with PointPay!

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