Dear PointPay family,

The end of the week once again marks the time for our regular summary. In the Weekly Update, you can learn about everything that happened at PointPay over the past week and catch up on the major news in the crypto sphere.

PointPay News

This week, the PointPay team has been actively working on the upcoming update of the PXP token. In addition to the technical work on implementing features and preparing interfaces, we summarized our activities on Telegram.

Currently, this social network has the highest number of PointPay community members and allows for the closest interaction with platform users. That's why we decided to conduct the Telegram PXP v3 Ideas Contest!

As part of the activity, users proposed their ideas for the development and expansion of the PXP v3 token utility. When we received a series of interesting and promising ideas, a vote was launched to choose the best one - the idea that will undoubtedly make it into the current Roadmap!

According to user voting, the best idea was "Integration with DeFi Platforms" by meghdeva. At the moment, the idea has been handed over to the development department, and the user received a well-deserved reward of 10,000 PXP. However, PointPay also acknowledged several other ideas worthy of attention and potential future implementation: find out more in the corresponding article.

Crypto Sphere News

This week was particularly heated in the Bitcoin community. The spotlight was on Spot Bitcoin ETFs, attracting the attention of users and investors. Many experts believed that the SEC would approve the launch of the first BTC ETFs on January 10, 2024, and finally, it happened.

It has been over a year since the first applications for Bitcoin ETFs appeared. The initial attempts were unsuccessful, and for a while, the SEC even completely rejected the idea of launching ETFs related to cryptocurrencies. However, the number of companies interested in launching Bitcoin ETFs grew, including significant financial organizations with a global reputation.

By the fall, the SEC had about a dozen applications for ETF launches, and interest in Bitcoin and its investment opportunities continued to rise. The decision was repeatedly delayed; however, the Commission finally made a definitive decision and approved the launch of 11 applications at once.

However, it was not without its share of incidents. A day before approval, unknown individuals managed to hack the SEC account through the linked phone (according to data published by X). The purpose of the hack was to post a message in which the commission approved all current applications for Bitcoin ETFs. In the wake of this news, the price of Bitcoin sharply jumped, but within 20 minutes, the information about approval was debunked. This triggered a BTC correction and dissatisfaction from the community.

At the moment, the price of Bitcoin has once again passed through a rise to $48,922 and a further correction to the $46,000 level. After almost two years since a significant drop from $60,000 to $20,000, Bitcoin is once again approaching its record values. With gained momentum and support, digital gold could return to levels above $50,000.

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