PointPay has always been and remains a community-driven platform. We greatly value the opinions and ideas our users wish to share with us.

With the announcement of the new token version and the upcoming Token Swap, we decided to launch an ideas contest. Within this contest, members of our Telegram community shared their thoughts on enhancing the token's utility, expanding its application scope, and overall, making it a superior version.

We received numerous excellent and original ideas. Each idea is a valuable contribution to the future of PointPay and the PXP token. Among all the submissions, we conducted a user vote. The competition was fierce, but a winner emerged!

The community's best idea was "Integration with DeFi Platforms": Facilitating the integration of PXP with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platforms, enabling users to engage in liquidity pools, staking, and other decentralized financial services directly from the trading platform.

Its author, meghdeva, has already received their reward of 10,000 PXP.

This idea has been forwarded to PointPay's business department for further development and implementation within the current Roadmap!

However, that's not all! Apart from the winning idea, we have a range of intriguing proposals from the community that we've earmarked and aim to implement in the future:

  • Artificial Intelligence Assistance: Integrating AI assistance into the platform to provide real-time market analysis, personalized trading suggestions, and even predictive alerts based on historical patterns.
  • Decentralized Platform Governance: Transforming the PXP token into a governance tool, granting PXP holders the authority to influence decisions regarding platform enhancements, introducing new features, and adjusting trading policies.
  • Participation in Exclusive ICOs: Providing PXP holders with exclusive opportunities to participate in initial coin offerings (ICOs) of the broker's partner projects, granting privileged access to investment opportunities.
  • Launching an NFT marketplace within the PointPay ecosystem, enabling users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets, fostering a vibrant and unique community.

These presented ideas have also been forwarded to the development department, and you may soon hear the first updates about their progress!

In any case, we extend our gratitude to all participants of this contest for their ideas. They are all incredibly compelling and have the potential to significantly shape the future of PointPay. Stay with us and witness how these ideas come to life.

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