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It's time for our regular Weekly Update. In one place, we've gathered all the PointPay news from the past week, along with significant events in the crypto sphere! Stay informed about all happenings with our Update!

PointPay News

Before delving into the latest news, we'd like to remind you about the ongoing USDC Masters Trading Competition. Trading competitions with a prize pool of $50,000 and 5 prize positions are still ongoing! You have the opportunity to participate and secure a spot in the top five until February 2 - don't miss your chance!

Among the recent highlights on PointPay is the AMA session! It took place this Thursday, January 25. Over the course of an hour, PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev shared updates, announcements, and plans for our platform in the near future. Particularly noteworthy was the information about PXP 3.0, Token Swap, and Token Booster!

Get all the details early by watching the recording of the live broadcast on our YouTube channel! In the second part of the AMA session, Vladimir answered numerous user questions - there was a lot of interesting information there too, so don't miss out!

Also, this week, PointPay introduced the XRP/USDC trading pair. Excellent news for those participating in the Masters Trading Competition or prefer trading in USDC pairs! PointPay intends to significantly expand the number of trading pairs, so you can expect even more variations soon!

Two Tether stablecoins, XAUT and EURT, also made headlines. On Thursday, we announced the upcoming start of a series of events and activities related to these assets. What exactly awaits us? A secret that we will unveil very soon, stay tuned for updates on social media.

Wrapping up the events on PointPay is the release of the article "First steps in crypto with PointPay!" In this piece, we highlight why starting your journey in cryptocurrencies is better and easier with PointPay. This article can help newcomers in cryptocurrencies begin their path with the comfortable PointPay ecosystem, so you definitely have someone to recommend it to! However, you can also revisit and recall your own first steps in this incredible cryptocurrency sphere!

Crypto Sphere Events

The crypto sphere continues to closely monitor ETFs! Under the influence of the massive sell-off of GBTC (converted ETF from Greyscale), Bitcoin continues to decline in price and is currently hovering around $40,000.

However, these are just short-term consequences of the majority of investors deciding to exit after the conversion. Overall, ETFs have already attracted over $1.1 billion in investments. This is considering the $3.5 billion that was withdrawn from GBTC.

As experts in cryptocurrency investments emphasize, we will only see the true state of affairs with the price of BTC when the ETF situation somewhat stabilizes. At the moment, the market is still unstable and under significant pressure from invested and withdrawn funds. It may take a few months before the situation stabilizes.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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