The cryptosphere is a vast realm of possibilities that can be challenging for a novice cryptocurrency user to grasp. Not only in the early stages but throughout their journey, users will repeatedly face the need to choose different services to fulfill their tasks. For an experienced user, this process is familiar and often trouble-free. However, what about newcomers?

To make the first step more straightforward, any user needs to delve into a wealth of information about:

  • What a crypto wallet is
  • How blockchain works
  • What exchanges are
  • The differences between networks
  • How to transfer and store assets
  • And much more, depending on the ultimate goal.

All of this can lead to mistakes, loss of money, and time. However, there's a way to significantly simplify your initial encounter with cryptocurrencies.

The PointPay Ecosystem

PointPay is a multifaceted ecosystem designed to be simple, understandable, and functional. Within PointPay, users can literally do everything a cryptocurrency holder, investor, or trader might need. Furthermore, it offers a range of educational materials and customer support that is always ready to assist!

How to embark on your cryptocurrency journey with PointPay?

Firstly, any new user must undergo a standard registration process. This takes only a few minutes and allows the user to have their own account. However, at this point, many features will be unavailable.

The second step is the KYC procedure. This necessity allows regulators to combat illegal activities and money laundering. During this procedure, users provide the necessary data according to the law. All information is verified within a few days by specialized authorized entities that guarantee confidentiality. After the KYC approval, the user receives a confirmation email, and the full functionality of PointPay becomes available!

The third step is quite exciting, as it's time to buy your first cryptocurrency. PointPay enables the purchase of various cryptocurrencies directly with fiat currency — 16 different options. The purchase is made through our partners on the "Buy Crypto" tab. Note that the purchase is at the partner's rate and incurs minimal fees depending on the chosen provider and assets. To complete the transaction, simply enter the desired amount of cryptocurrency or the sum you intend to spend. Then, follow the partner's instructions. Usually, the entire process takes less than 15 minutes.

Congratulations! You now officially own your first cryptocurrency, located in your Regular account. Let's explore the next steps in the upcoming message.

Option One: Staking

Staking is a process where users lock their assets for a specific period and receive a predetermined reward at the end of the lock-in period. To simplify, it's akin to a bank deposit.

The essence of staking is straightforward — securing guaranteed rewards. Essentially, your funds become temporarily inaccessible, only to be unlocked later with additional rewards. It's a simple and reliable method for both beginners and cryptocurrency holders to gain extra benefits without being overly concerned about asset prices.

PointPay offers a range of assets for staking (8 at the time of writing), all listed under the Staking Account tab. Take note that the staking duration and final APR vary among assets – careful consideration is advised!

Option Two: Saving

Sometimes, the assets you own might not be available for staking. However, if you still want to efficiently store a cryptocurrency you don't plan to use in the near future, the Savings account is the solution!

In simpler terms, the Savings account is similar to the Regular account, with a few modifications:

  • Cryptocurrency stored in the Savings account earns small monthly interest, averaging 1% APR.
  • Transferring cryptocurrency from the Savings account is limited to a maximum of 3 times per month (for each specific coin).
  • Direct use of cryptocurrency from the Savings account (trading, exchange, sale) is not allowed; it must be transferred to the Regular account first.
  • In summary, funds in the Savings account are isolated and protected from unplanned expenditures. Your funds gradually increase while they remain in the account. If, by chance, you urgently need access to your cryptocurrency, you can do so easily, with a limit of 3 times per month.

The Savings account is an excellent way to store assets for an extended period, especially those that cannot be staked, or you anticipate needing access to them at a specific time.

Option Three: Quick Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges can be intimidating and complex for those new to the crypto world. Often, their interfaces can overwhelm unprepared users. That's why PointPay offers the option of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another through Quick Exchange. Here, you can choose your asset and available pairs, and algorithms will execute the exchange at the most favorable rate for you.

Quick Exchange is undoubtedly a fast and advantageous way to swap cryptocurrencies. Attempting to secure a better rate by placing orders on an exchange will likely consume more time, with results that are almost identical in most cases.

Option Four: Exchange (Classic/Advanced)

The next application of cryptocurrency is trading, a process where market participants seek more favorable conditions to increase their capital. For a novice, this option is quite risky – one can lose all their funds due to a series of unsuccessful trades. Before diving into trading, we recommend studying the theory and starting with insignificant amounts.

PointPay caters to traders with two exchange interfaces. The classic interface is simpler and less cluttered, making it easier for beginners to understand and commence their trading journey. When you're ready to analyze charts, identify patterns, and delve into detailed data, transition to the Advanced Exchange. Here, a wide array of tools is available for professional trading.

Option Five: Transfers

PointPay offers two types of cryptocurrency transfers — regular and between users:

  • Transfers from one wallet to another, be it another PointPay user or any other wallet. Always double-check the entered data and the networks you are operating in. Note that the same asset may be represented in various ways for different networks.
  • Email-based transfers — a unique feature of PointPay. Any user can send cryptocurrency via email to another PointPay user, streamlining the transfer process and reducing the chance of errors.


PointPay is a comprehensive cryptocurrency ecosystem, allowing users to perform most operations without relying on external services. From buying cryptocurrency to storing and trading it — everything is fully accessible to any user.

For a novice in the crypto sphere, the self-sufficiency of the system is especially crucial. There's no need to navigate complex interactions between entities, delve deeply into the principles of blockchain, transfers, trading, and storage. Everything is ready for immediate use, minimizing the chance of making mistakes.

This is why starting your journey into cryptocurrencies with PointPay is particularly pleasant!

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