In 2022, we released Launchboard, a platform that allowed investors to be among the first to invest in promising cryptocurrency projects. We have recently completed a voting event on the Launchboard platform. Every user with a minimum of 500 PXP was eligible to vote. In a community vote, PointPay users decided to see the new token on our platform.

Our community decided to support the community-driven project. We are thrilled to announce that the PIT token is now listed on the PointPay platform!

The PIT token was created on Binance's Smart Chain on March 17, 2021. Its ownership was relinquished to the community upon creation. It has become a fully functional, decentralized, and 100% community-driven project.

The project has already gone through its formative stage and is now listed on 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gate, MEXC, PancakeSwap, and others. To achieve a high level of user control, the Pitbull team has relinquished ownership of its contract during deployment. With a special economic model that allocates 2% of the 4% tax to a dead address and the remaining 2% to token holders, Pitbull can achieve automatic staking and burning.

PIT is currently available on the PointPay exchange and CryptoBank. You can now deposit, withdraw, trade, store and earn 0.1% interest on your PIT token holdings. You can read more about the Pitbull project in this article.

In the future, you can expect more projects to be added to the Launchboard. Stay tuned for the new updates!

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