In 2022 we released the fully functioning Launchboard platform, allowing investors to be among the first to invest in promising cryptocurrency projects. By offering customers priority access to emerging projects, PointPay seeks to support the crypto economy by providing customers with access to quality emerging projects.

We are thrilled to announce that our first project is released for voting on the Launchboard platform! The voting for the Pitbull project starts tomorrow!

Our community members will decide the project's future by staking PXP tokens. So hurry up to take part in this event!

Meet the Pitbull Project!

PIT is an auto-staking token created on the Binance Smart Chain on March 17, 2021. Its ownership was renounced and given to the community upon creation. It has become a fully functional, decentralized, and 100% community-driven project since that time.

A high level of user controllability was achieved by relinquishing the contract ownership during deployment. Combined with special economics, where 2% of the 4% tax automatically goes to a dead address, and the remaining 2% is distributed to token holders, Pitbull can achieve an automatic staking (earning while holding) and automatic burning (supply constantly decreasing).

In just one and a half years, Pitbull managed to grow its community to more than 510K holders from all over the world. The project has already gone through its formative stage and is now listed on 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gate, MEXC, PancakeSwap, and others.

The Pitbull is an ecosystem of various products:

  • PitTracker (Beta)
    The tool lets investors track their PIT token holdings, seeing exactly how much they’ve accrued from the auto-staking rewards.
  • PitCharts (Beta)
    A charting and analysis tool that will generate income from ad spaces and premium features.
  • PitFarm (Beta)
    PitFarm should be used to redeem official Pitbull NFTs or buy them straight out. NFTS can then be traded in the marketplace, and the sales will go towards a fund for charity, project development, and the Pitbull token burns.
  • PitSwap (Alpha)
    Pit Swap is an automated market maker tool that allows new investors to make easier trades with the PIT token.
  • PitStore (Alpha)
    Pitstore will become a marketplace for buying Pitbull merchandise via USD.

There are also a few projects in the early stages of planning and development, including a fundraising platform, in-browser games, and a social network to connect all PIT tools into one easy webpage.

In addition, one of the project's key aspects is charity. Pitbull is an official partner of several kennels worldwide, including Kennel2Couch, BulliesInNeed, and

What’s next?

Now it's time for you to get involved! Check out the official Pitbull website and Whitepaper to learn more about this exciting new project.

If you want to see the Pitbull (PIT) token listed on our PointPay Exchange, it needs at least 2,000 votes! One vote is worth 500 PXP, and there is no limit on the number of votes you can give.

The 2022 event begins on October 6th, and it lasts seven days. Don't miss your chance to vote! And be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming listings on the Launchboard platform.