With the exponential growth and widespread retail adoption, the crypto market provides investors with huge earning prospects and opportunities. However, getting the most in the crypto world is by getting in at the right time. And the right time here means getting there as early as possible. This leads us to crypto launchpads — specific platforms that allow investors and traders to buy into new projects before their tokens are publicly launched. Crypto launchpads or IDO platforms allow increasing investments hundreds and even thousands of times almost instantly. They aim to solve problems for investors, creators, and developers; that’s why they are increasingly gaining popularity in the constantly changing crypto world.

Today, experts from PointPay will tell more about crypto launchpads and how they work. Let’s start!

About crypto launchpads

Launchpads in crypto are platforms for launching new tokens, projects, and increasing liquidity. They even can be called the next big thing in the digital world, especially in terms of decentralized finance (DeFi).

IDO is a crowdfunding platform for any new project launched on a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform using coins or tokens. Thanks to the blockchain-based approach, investors, and users with different backgrounds can contribute and make profits.

Launchpads are what crypto investors need to multiply their returns. These platforms allow buying new projects’ tokens before they become officially available. Crypto launchpads make it easy for new projects to make bulk sales as the investors can purchase tokens at the lowest possible price. As the project develops and launches, the price usually grows, so those who buy them at the lowest price at the early stage earn the most.

PointPay experts: advantages of crypto launchpads

Using crypto launchpads offers a lot of advantages and benefits for both investors and startups. Here are some of them:

Early access to unique projects and pool of investors

Startups and investors alike benefit from using launchpads. Startups showcase their projects to investors and convince them to invest. The only barrier to entry might be the vetting system or due diligence process. Launchpads are also useful and beneficial for investors as they display many potentially successful projects in one place. In addition, by becoming a user of a crypto launchpad, investors get early access to crypto projects, so they get a more affordable token price than others.

A trustworthy ecosystem

Since each project is thoroughly vetted before being launched, investors don’t have to worry about losing their money or becoming a victim of a crypto scam. In addition, launchpads prevent the possibility of Rug Pulls when fraudsters take your money and disappear. What is more, it is not very pricey or time-consuming to launch a project on a launchpad.

Opportunity to make profits

In addition to early access to potentially successful projects, another reason that encourages investors to trust launchpads is the ability to increase the value of their native tokens. If launchpads like Polkastarter, UpLift DAO, and Vent Finance become very popular among investors, the price of their native tokens — $POLS, $LIFT, and $VENT, will also skyrocket. Thus, investors will get even higher returns.

Final thoughts

Acting as a bridge between investors and crypto startups, launchpads are successfully taking over the cryptocurrency market. What is more, they also give regular investors access to opportunities that were previously only available to venture capitalists and high-profile investors. So, if you want to access projects at their early stage and purchase native tokens that might be appreciated in the future, investing in a launchpad project is definitely a good idea. Accessibility and assurance of security are other key reasons why investors are paying more attention to crypto launchpads right now. PointPay experts are sure that this innovation is remarkable and provides an alternative means of income and security for investors and traders worldwide.

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