Dear PointPay family,

Venus & Tellor have just joined the ranks at PointPay. These additions are set to broaden the horizons for our users, complementing our existing suite of cryptocurrencies seamlessly.

Let's delve into each cryptocurrency to understand their potential impact:

Venus (XVS)

Venus, operating as a DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), serves as a cornerstone asset in its ecosystem. Offering borrowing, lending, and yield-generating capabilities against crypto assets, Venus aims to democratize financial services. Users leverage their crypto holdings as collateral, ensuring liquidity and enabling interest generation through DeFi mechanisms. The importance of XVS within Venus extends to governance voting and maintaining system stability.

Tellor (TRB)

Tellor, a decentralized network, specializes in delivering financial data, including pricing information, onto the blockchain through its oracle protocol. Its primary mission is to validate and guarantee the accuracy of data crucial for financial applications, like asset prices and exchange rates. Miners within the Tellor network compete to input data into the blockchain, receiving TRB rewards for their contributions. This incentivizes network engagement and reinforces data integrity.

The inclusion of Venus & Tellor marks another step in PointPay's commitment to expanding possibilities and fostering innovation within our platform! These assets already available at PointPay platform, including Echange! Try trading Venus & Tellor today!

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