PointPay is pleased to introduce LEVER, the cryptocurrency at the heart of LeverFi, a revolutionary decentralized margin trading platform. LEVER is now available on the PointPay exchange, providing our users with an expanded range of trading and wealth management options.

About LeverFi Project:

LeverFi is a decentralized margin trading platform allowing traders to execute cryptocurrency transactions using leverage. LeverFi adopts a unique model that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges, offering traders:

  • High Liquidity: LeverFi aggregates liquidity from various sources, including liquidity pools and market-makers, providing traders access to the best prices and market depth.
  • Low Fees: LeverFi, with its decentralized architecture, offers lower fees compared to centralized exchanges.
  • Security: LeverFi uses smart contracts to ensure the security of user funds.
  • Privacy: LeverFi does not require KYC/AML from users, ensuring trading confidentiality.

Value of LEVER Token:

LEVER is the utility token used to facilitate the operations of LeverFi. LEVER is utilized for:

  • Trading fee payments: Users of LeverFi must use LEVER to pay trading fees.
  • Governance participation: LEVER holders can actively participate in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of LeverFi and vote on project development proposals.
  • Reward earnings: LEVER holders can receive rewards for staking their tokens.

Advantages of LeverFi Project and LEVER Cryptocurrency:

  • Decentralized Margin Trading: LeverFi allows traders to execute cryptocurrency transactions using leverage.
  • High liquidity: LeverFi aggregates liquidity from multiple sources, ensuring that traders have access to the best prices and market depth.
  • Low fees: With its decentralized architecture, LeverFi offers low fees.
  • Security: LeverFi uses smart contracts to ensure the safety of user funds.

Welcome to PointPay!

LEVER is a promising cryptocurrency that plays a key role in the development of decentralized margin trading. LeverFi is already embraced by many traders and its importance will only grow with the development of the DeFi sector.

LEVER has gracefully stepped onto the big stage of the PointPay exchange! Join the symphony of possibilities as PointPay users immerse themselves in trading, selling, buying, storing and orchestrating the management of LEVER.

Start your LEVER journey today!

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