Dear PointPay Family,

⚙️ Please find the list of our updates below:

✔️ 6th burn for 1,100,000 PXP was completed;

✔️ Conducted AMA the newly appointed CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev, you can find the video here;

✔️ Published article about PointPay on Entrepreneur;

✔️ Fixed errors when making transfers between accounts on the iOS app;

✔️ Fixed minor bugs in the PointPay Banking app for iOS;

✔️ Started integration of SWIFT gateway;

✔️ Improvement of the 2FA security;

✔️ Reorganization of the internal balance system;

✔️ Contingency planning for the “Disaster recovery”;

✔️ Continued work on the KYC regulation;

✔️ Backend development of the automatic logout mechanism.

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