Dear PointPay Family,

PointPay CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev, shared an update on the work we’ve done over the past week.

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Mobile App Development

For iOS:

  • Wallet account replenishment added to the ‘Receive’ tab;
  • Exchange account replenishment added to the ‘Receive’ tab;
  • Updated FAQ.

For both iOS and Android

  • Implemented KYC feature.


  • Created Helm charts for Payment gateway;
  • Tested the production isolation from the staging environments;
  • Created a separate VPN service to access the staging environment;
  • Added KafkaDrop for Apache Kafka exchange;
  • Revised and created new internal security policies.

Contingency planning for disaster recovery:

  • Working on RDS policies;
  • Developed and tested the procedure for restoring instances from ClickHouse backups;
  • Added an ability to upload RDS logs for a specified time interval.

Frontend Development

  • Improved the FAQ menu.

Updated design of the:

  • Contacts page;
  • Roadmap page;
  • Live Roadmap page;
  • Referrals page;
  • Crypto School page.

Exchange Development

  • Deployment of the new Golang Matcher (Market and Limit orders);
  • Final testing of the new Golang Gateway;
  • Beta testing and deployment of the KYC policy, ready for public use next week;
  • Integration of PHP and Golang services via Apache Kafka (order placement, exchange, and new Matcher protocols);
  • Solved error in the Exchange interface;
  • Finalized the new design of the Classic Exchange.
New design of the Classic Exchange

Launchboard Development

  • Implemented filtering of projects on the main launchpad page.

Admin Panel Development

  • Developed transaction request for a specific project feature;
  • Developed documents’ automatic generation for Swagger + Insomnia;
  • Developed a block with a list of user transactions;
  • Developed PXP statistics page;
  • Created a block with information about users;
  • Solved problem in the Wallet’s endpoint;
  • Implemented new operations to collect aggregated historical data about users;
  • Moved background execution of cron tasks with updates to the queue.

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