Dear PointPay Family,

PointPay CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev, shared an update on the work we’ve done over the past week.

Click here to watch it.

Android mobile app development

  • Added wallet management on the ‘CryptoBank’ page;
  • Added replenishment of Wallet and Exchange accounts on the ‘Receive’ tab;
  • Updated the FAQ page.


  • Built-in alerts for 500-error codes in all nginx logs;
  • Deployment of Gitlab runner with autoscaling for AWS (mobile app);
  • Tested S3 Bucket Keys encoding in AWS;
  • Developed staging pipelines for the new matcher;
  • Created the second Staging and Master environments for the exchange.

Exchange Development

  • Completed the first version of the new Golang Matcher (Market and Limit Orders);
  • Fully integrated and tested the KYC procedure — ready for release next week;
  • Continued integration of the PHP and Golang services;
  • Fixed bugs in the Exchange’s new interface.

Launchboard Development

  • Developed the Header, Modal, and Services pages.

Admin Panel Development

  • Filled the clickhouse database with historical data about the state of hot wallets;
  • Developed an API for aggregated data on log information about requests;
  • Integrated Sentry Platform;
  • Updated Angular to version 12;
  • Developed a search by email in the backend.


  • Published an interview in Forbes with Vladimir Kardapoltsev.

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