Dear PointPay Family,

We passed another week and made an informative weekly update for our community. Watch a video with CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev, or explore more in the text.

Mobile App Development

As part of the redesign of iOS and Android mobile applications

  • Finishing implementation of the new authorization flow;
  • Started working on the development of a new flow for creating invoices;
  • Started working on the development of a new flow for sending/receiving funds to a wallet address.

Frontend Development

  • Added and released right-to-left languages support for all products;
  • Added SSR caching on;
  • Fixed minor design bugs in all products;
  • Working on KYC integration.

Exchange Development

  • Implementation of the new Quick Exchange architecture;
  • Regression and volume testing;

Development of the new Gateway on Golang

  • Testing new account creation.

Development of the new Matcher

  • Adding a stop-limit order by price;
  • Finishing the tests.

Authorization development

  • Implementation of the ability to deactivate an account with 2FA;
  • Fixed minor and major issues.

Crypto Wallet

  • Fixed push notifications for different operations.

Payment System Development

  • Researched API and requirements from PS Silamoney;
  • Developed a new flow of buy/sell crypto process;
  • Wrote integration with PS Change now;
  • Fixed integration with PS Itez.

Launchboard Development:

  • Created a module and core structure for a new Wallet;
  • Updated UI kit: made a reusable component for a block with the title to avoid duplicating styles every time;
  • Started integrating the API with the old version of the Wallet;
  • Added new colors and typography from UI kit, chose a nice transition animation, and connected a new font;
  • Changed the routing to lazy loading;
  • Added new projects to the Launchboard page;
  • Prepared information and created a PXP token page.


  • CoinTelegraph, CryptoNews, and FXStreet published an interview with Vladimir about Shiba Inu;
  • Performed 15th token burn and removed 2 million PXP tokens from circulation.

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