Dear PointPay Family,

We passed another week and made an informative weekly update for our community. Watch a video with CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev or explore more in the text.

Watch the video

Mobile App Development


  • Implemented newsletter subscription.

For iOS

  • Added ability to deactivate push notifications;
  • Fixed account deactivation;
  • Fixed authorization when iPhone uses a language other than English;
  • Added two new languages;
  • Support window now opens in your local iPhone language;
  • Fixed “nickname” step during the registration process;
  • Added some transactions’ history items to a list;
  • Fixed price alert calculation;
  • Fixed crash when changing password;
  • Changed the documents on the Documents page and during the registration process.

Please, note that currencies can be displayed incorrectly sometimes.

Frontend Development

  • Added right-to-left alignment for Arabic and Persian languages for Bank, Exchange, and Authentification pages;
  • Added dark scheme for the blog;
  • Improved header and footer in the blog for better navigation;
  • Improved upload speed of the website;
  • Fixed bug with staking percentages on the Bank page.

Exchange Development

  • Implementation of the new Quick Exchange architecture;
  • Regression and volume testing;
  • Interface fix;
  • Regression testing of the new Gateway on Golang.

Development of the new Matcher

  • Adding a stop-limit order by price
  • Finishing the tests.

Crypto Bank Development

  • Onboarded new developer and Project Manager;
  • Improved logging in ELK;
  • Raised a local test environment;
  • Agreed on a new process for obtaining a loan
  • Fixed loan form error on the stage;
  • Implemented a mirror for the repository and set up the build pipeline;
  • Fixed multiple errors.


  • The validation for notifications and error messages;
  • The ability to send cryptocurrencies via ID.


  • Autotest functionality for Credits (minimum version);
  • Autotest functionality for Staking.

Payment System Development

  • Completed the layout for the new payment system flow;
  • Fixed multiple issues.

Launchboard Development

  • Added integration with CRM.


  • Performed AMA session with Whitebit exchange;
  • PointPay subsidiary, UAB Point Pay EU company, wholly owned by Point Pay LLC, was authorised as Operator of deposit virtual currency funds / Virtual currency exchange operator in Lithuania;
  • Create Discord community.

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