Dear PointPay Family,

We prepared our new weekly update with great news and our CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev highlighted them in the new video.

Click here to watch it.


Mobile App Development


  • Added history of transactions on the exchange.

Android and IOS

  • Completing the development of the Classic exchange interface implementation;
  • Finishing work on the redesign of flow authorization.


  • Transferred creation of configs for NGINX to Helm;
  • Configured connection to Kafka from local machines;
  • Created a pipeline for the Golang Gateway service.

Working on disaster recovery

  • Infrastructure code for EKS cluster and VPC;
  • CI / CD for the rollout of a new EKS cluster for the bank service.

Frontend Development

  • Made improvements to the website performance;
  • Improved rendering of the main menu for SSR;
  • Optimized the main page;
  • Fixed authorization and password recovery issues;
  • Made corrections to the color scheme for certain elements;
  • Added user logout feature in case of inactivity for a certain period of time;
  • Redesigned elements on the Main, Accounts, and Settings Bank pages;
  • Selection of English as the primary and only language for the live roadmap.

Exchange Development

  • Start of frontend development of the new Classic Exchange redesign (place order block);
  • Development of API for the PnL statements.

Gateway on Go

  • Testing of the wallets;
  • Testing of the withdrawals;
  • Testing the parallel operation of the old PHP and new Go gateways simultaneously.


  • Implementation of new and more secure data storage;
  • Testing of the internal KYC limits.

The new internal balance system

  • Implementation of payloads;
  • Integration with the new Golang Matcher.

Crypto Bank Development

  • Worked on optimizing the infrastructure — now we are even more resistant to loads;
  • Increased speed and performance;
  • Added new security methods;
  • Fixed errors that hindered the work of several features;
  • Working on new features that will be released soon.

Admin Panel Development

  • Created hot wallets, fees, balances, and orders sections;
  • Added а “Total amount” number to the fees and balances page;
  • Made a “Choose period” feature on the “Fees” page, optional;
  • Added а “Totals” chart;
  • Added filters on the “Orders” page;
  • Updated the home page in the admin panel;
  • Added Codesnifer.

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