Dear PointPay Family,

We prepared our new weekly update with great news, winners announcement of our last competition, and our CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev highlighted them in the new video.

Mobile App Development


  • Added PointPay Gift card.

Please, note that push notifications may now be disabled.

For iOS app

  • Redesigned Account screen with new features;
  • Working on the “Change password” function;
  • Developing “Delete account” function;
  • Fixed bugs on the “Invoices” screen;
  • Work on the exchange history;
  • Handling errors on price alerts.

Frontend Development

  • Added links to new Telegram chats;
  • Updated links to legal documents;
  • Implemented performance and visual improvements on the main page;
  • Added support for Arabic and Persian languages.


  • Payment System main page;
  • Authorization pages.


  • Design of Crypro Debit Card page;
  • Tab in the Advanced Exchange;
  • Account accessibility bug in the mobile web version.

Exchange Development

  • Final testing and preparation for the release of the API for CoinMarketCap;
  • Implementation of the new Quick Exchange architecture;
  • Upgrade to PHP 8.0;
  • Performing regression and volume testing.

Developing the new Golang Matcher

  • Processing errors;
  • Testing Graceful Shutdown;
  • Testing Persistent storage.

Working on authorization

  • Adding a list of popular countries.

Developing new gateway in Golang

  • Finished configuring the account.

Crypto Bank Development

  • Fixed notification for Interest command;
  • Described new flow for loans;
  • Finished the implementation of the automated test;
  • Reduced staking rates.

Launched PointPay gift card

  • Added validation by date for gift cards;
  • Fixed 2FA errors for gift cards.

Payment System Development

  • Added new method to send crypto via ID (backend);
  • Created a new design for the payment system.


  • Listed PXP token on the WhiteBIT exchange — the listing date, 28th December;
  • Switched to different official PointPay channels on Telegram — check our pinned message in the chat and follow our official channels.

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