Dear PointPay Family,

We prepared our new weekly update with great news and our CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev highlighted them in the new video.

Click here to watch it.


Mobile App Development


  • Added auto logout for the Android app.

Android and IOS

  • Added the ability to delete an account;
  • Added the ability to change the password.

For iOS app

  • Implemented new authorization flow;
  • Added history of transactions on the exchange.

The new Android version is already out, while the iOS version will be released on Monday.

Frontend Development

  • Fixed Referral's section on the “Settings” page;
  • Added dropdown reference menu for all products;
  • Connected to Sentry;
  • Removed incorrect icons and tooltip from the “Accounts” page;
  • Created a new design for the Wallet.

Redesigned Bank Pages:

  • Deposit-Withdrawal-Transfer;
  • Card;
  • Invoices;
  • History;
  • Instant Loan.

Exchange Development

  • Started work on the new architecture for Quick Exchange;
  • Working on APIs for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko;
  • Finished the front-end development of the new Classic Exchange redesign.

New Gateway on Golang

  • Final testing of the service.


  • Reconfigured and finished the new logic of the service — ready for final release next week.

Development of the new Matcher on Golang

  • Cancelation of orders;
  • Graceful shutdown;
  • Persistent storage.

Crypto Bank Development/Crypto Wallet Development

  • Prepared release of Gift cards;
  • Added generation of deposit/withdrawal reports.

Payment System Development

  • Tested all payment methods;
  • Created new flow for buying/selling cryptocurrencies;
  • Worked on new partnership agreements.

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