Dear PointPay Family,

Another week has passed, and we would like to announce the weekly update to our community.

If you like to watch more than read, check out the Video Weekly Update with our CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev. Follow the link to watch it now.

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Improved sorting inside the History story;
  • Integrated Storyly in PointPay iOS app and improved the performance of the Storyly functionality;
  • Implemented the main KYC screen and KYC limits;
  • Hid the 500+ system message and displayed the message “Something went wrong” for users;
  • Implemented API support from CryptoBank;
  • Implemented PNL reporting functionality;
  • Improved display of Pie Chart inside PNL;
  • Implemented Crypto School on the Console;
  • Improved the Quick Exchange functionality;
  • Implemented Line Chart inside PNL;
  • Implemented account deletion functionality;
  • Corrected the legal address of the company on the About page.

For Android mobile applications

  • Implemented account history view;
  • Equalized the display of the invoice creation time in the mobile app with the web;
  • Corrected the legal address of the company on the About page.


  • process of sending invoices to yourself;
  • display of staking cards. We’ve added sorting by expiration date. Now staking cards with an expired term are no longer displayed;
  • dark background effect when pressing buttons;
  • transition to the Market tab;
  • performance of the Storyly functionality;
  • staking in the app;
  • display of Buy & Sell buttons on the Exchange;
  • display of the Transaction History screen;
  • leaving a comment when sending an invoice;


  • pagination for displaying the history;
  • PNL reporting functionality;
  • Crypto School on the Console;
  • invoice filtering;

Interface Development 💻

  • Improved password strength during registration;
  • Prepared documentation for all business processes related to authorization;
  • Updated the main page, removing old components and translations from the previous version;
  • Updated the navigation on the main page by moving the Crypto School to the header menu;
  • Made the media section on the main page more convenient by adding a feed scroller;
  • Improved the mobile menu by eliminating the duplicate home tab.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Collected a list of methods for output to other services to optimize the work;
  • Completed a questionnaire from GM Sectec to obtain PCI DSS accreditation;
  • Made the transition from the statistics table to the list of transactions in the Grafana dashboard;
  • Implemented a draft version of the service for storing card data;
  • Studied the documentation on the integration of the payment provider Enot.

Exchange Development 💱

  • Submitted a new design of the Exchange main page for review and testing;
  • Updated functionality for updating the percentage button when placing an order;
  • Hide saving of the balance display after the logout;
  • Made correct display of balance on the frontend;
  • Launched the generation of BitGo test accounts. At the moment, 60% of accounts have been generated;
  • Started integration with Fireblocks.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Implemented the ability to view and edit Launchboard and Voting projects through the admin panel;
  • Added “SoftDelete” logic for Launchboard and Voting projects in the new admin panel;
  • Implemented tabs on the project page;
  • Added KYC limits check;
  • Improved Crowdin performance in the admin panel;
  • Implemented the ability to attach files larger than 2MB when creating a project;
  • Added the ability to upload images in the admin panel for Launchboard projects;
  • Improved the admin panel performance when publishing new Launchboard projects;
  • Added a field in the admin panel to set the order in which projects are displayed in the Launchboard.

Withdrawals Development 🔄

Added nine new methods for the Unified Accounts library:

  • Retrieving currency Information;
  • Creating a local transaction;
  • Quick Exchange Outgoing;
  • Quick Exchange Incoming;
  • Adding a currency;
  • Creating an account for a new currency,
  • Processing of Bank Deposit operation codes;
  • Processing of Bank Transfer to Savings operation codes;
  • Processing of Bank Transfer from Savings to One Balance Account operation codes.

  • Agreed on a plan to complete the current draft of the Unified Accounts library;
  • Detailed implementation of single accounts with product teams;
  • Started integrating the Unified Accounts library with product teams;
  • Obtained access to BitGo testnet;
  • Application submitted to add PXP to Fireblocks;
  • Gained access to Fireblocks mainnet for test address generation;
  • Completed search for discrepancies in user balances exceeding thresholds;

Escrow Platform Development 📊

  • Implemented error display for the user;
  • Added KYC for all transactions over $1000;
  • Updated header and footer to the third design version;
  • Implemented display of texts in push notifications for a mobile app;


  • work of the chat component;
  • logout process;
  • display of contract errors to the user;
  • display of the user's nickname in the chat when the native language is selected.

Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented the functionality to add information about the company to their bio in the backend;
  • Added the ability to hide employee information from specific companies in the backend;

Implemented a backend mechanism for the tag system:

  • Implemented migrations;
  • Implemented controllers for binding tags;
  • Implemented validation and binding of tags;
  • Created a mechanism for binding tags;
  • Added relation to the contract model;
  • Added a tag dependency to the worker model;
  • Added KYC for all transactions over $1000;

  • Updated header and footer to the third design version;
  • Improved the file storage system in the project;
  • Сompleted work on the backend for adding tags to the profile
  • Improved the work of the chat component;
  • Renamed the product to "PointPay HR Talent";
  • Implemented a component to display employee and employer tags;
  • Added controllers for employee tags;
  • Implemented a backend for setting the visibility of resumes on the marketplace;

Implemented endpoints for the interaction

  • of employers with employee biographies;
  • of employees with employer biographies.

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