Dear PointPay family,
We are proud to announce that we have made significant progress this week. Our team has finished integrating the new HR service and is currently working on developing the PointPay P2P platform. In addition, our developers have released an MVP of CryptoLoans. You can check all the development updates in our latest Friday Update.

Watch the video update with Vladimir Kardapoltsev.

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Analyzed whether we can link firebase information and the admin panel;
  • Displayed the correct currency code in the 24-hour yield field.

Improved the display of

  • candles when opening the window screen in the Exchange flow;
  • the language code in the user profile;
  • the currency code in PNL;
  • the scale on the candle chart in the Exchange flow of the Exchange.


  • obtaining crypto addresses for new accounts.


  • integration with NFTsky;
  • the PointPay Blog;
  • DetailsRootModule and ChartsModule.


  • support for opcodes for types of transactions in the history due to the transition to Unified balances;
  • a candle/point info view to the Exchange flow.

For Android mobile applications

  • Fixed the candle color in the Exchange flow;
  • Automated uploading/downloading of texts in Crowdin.


  • the update of the socket chart in the flow of the Exchange;
  • the default language selection functionality as a system one;
  • the display of the current exchange rate line on the Line Chart;
  • the “remove-device-token” token call after logout to clean up the user session;
  • Line Chart with pagination;
  • switching between Candle and Line charts in the Exchange flow;
  • forced app updates for users.


  • display of transaction type when going to the history of a specific transaction;
  • the display of the transaction type when going to the history of a specific transaction;
  • Cash Out word on Sell Crypto.

Improved performance

  • after entering the pin code and displaying the message “You’re offline. Check your connection”;
  • after authorization and 30+ seconds of minimizing the app.


  • support for opcodes of transaction types due to the transition to Unified balances;
  • support for new opcodes for transaction types;
  • new events in Firebase for statistics.

Interface Development 💻

  • Prepared the front-end for the implementation of the new Bug Report feature;
  • Tested the work of external APIs as part of the authorization process;
  • Added Sentry to to log errors;
  • Adjusted the interactivity of the APR section on the main page;
  • Explored the possibility of automating the data collection on page load to speed up page loading speed;
  • Optimized the loading speed by reducing the sprite icon size and removing duplicate elements.


  • the number of password change attempts up to 6 times;
  • the list of blocking APIs aimed at improving page loading speed.

Improved the display of

  • the Trade section in the Pixel Perfect format;
  • the Reviews section in the Pixel Perfect format.


  • loading of documents during the KYC process;
  • display of the Statistics section.

Crypto Bank Development 🏦

  • Released MVP of CryptoLoans;
  • Displayed the current amount of penalties in the loan details;
  • Temporarily removed the ability to open multiple loans;
  • Optimized the logic of partial loan repayment.


  • the form fields when applying for a loan;
  • a static stepper on the loan application page;
  • a timer for sending a Margin call letter;
  • a service that is responsible for the transfer of funds between accounts;
  • early loan repayments;
  • an automatic loan payment with a Regular account.

Conducted regression testing

  • of loans;
  • of the cryptobank.


  • the stability of the back-end for the mobile application;
  • commission calculation when withdrawing funds;
  • payment schedule;
  • payment history.


  • a Penalty field to the Loan Details;
  • a Payment Record to the Payment History;
  • New LTV calculation to the Loan Collateral Increase form;
  • modal windows when creating a loan.


  • checking of the amount sufficiency on the Regular account for making a deposit;
  • collateral refund;
  • the calculation of penalties for overdue loans;
  • sending letters on loans;
  • scripts for launching tasks on loans that run in the background.


  • links in the invoices;
  • Savings rates.

Payment System Development 💳


  • the design of the PCI DSS and Seamless Payments architecture;
  • the development of pages for integration with the ENOT payment provider (Qiwi, Bank cards);
  • the revision of Payments (BuyCrypto, SellCrypto) related to the transition to the Unified Balance (currently in testing).

Exchange Development 💱

  • Added translations for transaction types in My Accounts;
  • Optimized Trading View sockets;
  • Implemented saving the chart state when turning on indicators and oscillators;
  • Displayed the price of the last transaction in the order book and divided the order book;
  • Released a search for currency pairs, available to the user without additional clicking on the “+” sign.


  • display of the top-up card;
  • the Quick Exchange displayability.


  • the name of My accounts to My Regular Accounts;
  • the text color in My Accounts.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Changed and improved the logic for sorting projects on the Launchboard and Voting pages;
  • Moved the filling of the ICO project stages to the usual form fields in the admin panel;
  • Made the “Priority” field (project logo output scale) in the admin panel more user-friendly;
  • Added an explanation under the “Label” field about its work through the CTRL button or checkboxes.


  • the API for returning Legal documents;
  • the width layout when displaying projects on the Launchboard.


  • a request to accept the Legal Disclaimer when working with Launchboard/Voting services;
  • the integration of the Launchboard service with Unified Balances.

Withdrawals Development 🔄


  • testing of deposits for all currencies;
  • setting up withdrawals via FireBlocks and BitGO;
  • the revision of handlers for Buy Crypto and Sell Crypto.

P2P Development


  • a window for opening buy and sell contracts;
  • the ability to switch pages in the list of ads;
  • a new front-end “form number input” component for the new UI library;
  • notifications and the option to enable/disable each type of notification;
  • asset selection when creating a purchase ad;
  • ad creation on the front Step 2 (price selection window) and Step 3 (trading amount window).


  • the window for creating a buy/sell ad;
  • the ability to filter the list of buy/sell ads.
  • autotests for creating, editing, and canceling ads.

Added APIs to

  • get a list of a user’s ads;
  • create a contract based on an ad;
  • create, edit, cancel, and close an ad;
  • get a list of possible payment methods.

Escrow Platform Development 📊

  • Improved the work of the page for resolving disputes in the admin panel;
  • Developed the concept of separating the core of Escrow as a service for other products;
  • Speeded up Escrow loading by optimizing logging.


  • a stats page in the admin panel; it is possible to view contracts’ statistics and information on collected commissions;
  • a commission management section in the admin panel;
  • display of fee information for users.

HR Platform Development 👥


  • saving CV visibility settings. The employee can choose from which companies he can hide his CV and save these settings;
  • getting a list of companies from the backend, so the employee can choose from whom to hide their CV;
  • an API to get a list of employees for a particular employer (to display all employees on one page);
  • the ability to attach files to CVs;
  • an endpoint by which the employer receives about a particular employee;
  • search filters on the “My employees” page;
  • possibility to access the HR page for an unlogged-in user.

Started the final integration of the new HR service. It will include

  • two separate spaces for employee and employer;
  • employee’s biography section;
  • two new marketplaces;
  • new contract logic.


  • Published review of the PointPay platform on the Cryptoholics website.

Please note that the PointPay ecosystem has undergone major changes — we have transitioned to the Unified Balance System. This means that all account addresses in the PointPay system have changed, and all old addresses are now invalid.

To ensure the security of your funds, please do not use old addresses when depositing your funds. We are not responsible for any loss incurred due to the usage of old wallet addresses. Thank you!

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