Dear PointPay family, it’s already Friday!

This week we’ve completed withdrawal refactoring and implemented the CryptoLoan processing in the Android app. We have also worked a lot on withdrawal process. In particular, we’ve activated automatic currency withdrawals for internal users.
Yesterday, Vladimir Kardapoltsev, PointPay CEO, conducted Telegram AMA with Crypto Wolf. Vladimir shared how PointPay benefits users and outlined our future goals. You can read more about our recent accomplishments in the Friday Update.

Watch the video update with Vladimir Kardapoltsev.

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Updated interval values according to the changes made on the Exchange side in the Exchange flow;
  • Temporarily hidden “Receive Statements” inside accounts;
  • Removed flags in the language selection flow;
  • Displayed the network type in the Receive At Address, Send By Wallet and Send By Email flows;
  • Removed display of the Tag field when sending XRP by email;
  • Specified the minimum deposit in the Receive To Address flow.


  • UI display of the Market tab;
  • dashboard performance when opening the app;
  • sell and open order flow performance in the Exchange;
  • display of candles in the new design version of Exchange;
  • the functionality of open orders in the Exchange flow;
  • performance of creating a new order in the Exchange flow.


  • an updated switch between candle/line charts in the Exchange flow;
  • the Details tab;
  • staking in native design;
  • staking history.


  • new conditions to the KYC section;
  • sockets for the Market Detail chart;
  • the send amount to the confirmation button in the “Send by wallet” flow;
  • a cross to cancel sending on the last screen in the “Send to wallet” and “Send by email” flows.


  • the endpoint for tightening staking tariffs depending on the amount;
  • default candle chart display to 1 hour.

For Android mobile applications

  • Removed the extra jammer screen in the staking flow and added the Stake PXP card to the dashboard;
  • Improved staking cards’ caching;
  • Completed the entire flow of CryptoLoan processing;
  • Added instructions on how to enable 2FA via Google Authenticator;
  • Fixed a redirect to the main page during the transition to BitGlobal in the “PXP purchase” flow.


  • viewing information on CryptoLoans;
  • transition to receiving a CryptoLoan;
  • transition to social networks within the profile;
  • the Schedule section in the CryptoLoans flow;
  • the full repayment of the CryptoLoan;
  • the Summary screen in the CryptoLoan processing flow.


  • text for KYC;
  • the endpoint for tightening staking tariffs depending on the amount.

Interface Development 💻

  • Added a button click freeze when sending a message about finding a bug after the first click to avoid duplication;
  • Updated Live Roadmap;
  • Implemented an interactive plate for buying/selling cryptocurrency on the main page;
  • Set up sending an SNS event after creating an account using a smartphone;
  • Optimized the API for document read confirmation;
  • Customized the Sign Out button in Safari;
  • Created a script to measure page API speed automatically;
  • Hid irrelevant items for subscription in a personal account;
  • Covered KYC endpoints with tests;
  • Speed up password verification;
  • Investigated several potentially vulnerable libraries;
  • Updated PHP to version 8.1.


  • the input of the confirmation code after entering the wrong code when installing 2FA;
  • display of balance in the header;
  • the display of the issued number of PXP tokens on the main page.
  • the work of Bug Report;
  • opening of pages by correcting the initial display in a language that does not match the geolocation;
  • the display of flags when choosing a language;
  • display of pages in Japanese and Turkish.

Crypto Bank Development 🏦

  • Updated text in transfers;
  • Set limits for Gift Cards for new cryptocurrencies;
  • Set up code linting on the frontend;
  • Moved CryptoBank frontend to npm8 and node18;
  • Prepared a newsletter for US citizens about the termination of accruals on Savings accounts.


  • accounts’ display in Gift Cards;
  • early repayment of CryptoLoan;
  • transfer performance from Savings to Regular accounts.


  • loaders and button blockers on the CryptoLoan action pages;
  • loaders to the list of crypto loans, crypto loan details, payment schedule, and history.


  • withdrawal refactoring;
  • saving information about the USD equivalent for all bank transactions at the time of their execution.


  • the work of input fields in CryptoLoans;
  • the loader in the form of a CryptoLoan calculator.


  • the old lending module on the front;
  • the hint about the discount for internal transfers (internal transfers are free).

Withdrawals Development ⬇️

  • Added new XLM cryptocurrency to the Unified Balance, CryptoBank, and Exchange;
  • Activated automatic currency withdrawals (only available to internal users);
  • Improved the Unified Balance Sheets in terms of reflecting input/output operations.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Conducted a preliminary technical analysis of integration with Sticpay payment provider;
  • Conducted technical analysis of 29 Customer Support tickets. Causes were identified, and recommended steps for the Treasury team were prepared.


  • Payments Staging environment settings for Mercuryo payment provider;
  • “Buy Crypto” performance and control over completed transactions and orders in Grafana

Exchange Development 💱


  • the display of the correct amount on the Unified Balances service when creating a market order to buy;
  • functionality for canceling orders;
  • order size calculation;
  • creation of order with insufficient funds;
  • pagination for the order table;
  • real-time drawing of candles;
  • the return of candles through the web socket.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Added three additional metrics to Voting records;
  • Completed work on the voting parameters management module;
  • Integrated filters by legal documents to request acceptance from the user for one time;
  • Implemented status display for projects in Voting.

P2P Development

  • Created the ad editing window.


  • a list of ads;
  • a modal window for the initial input of a nickname;
  • the full logic of creating a contract on the backend;
  • Open/Closed filter in the list of user ads;
  • the basic frame of the “My accounts” page.


  • an API for selecting currencies at step 2 when creating an ad;
  • Crowdin and transfer of funds package.


  • a card for one ad;
  • the Payment Methods page.

Added an API

  • “collateral” balance check;
  • to return a list of user payment methods;
  • to add a payment method for the user;
  • for returning payment methods.

Escrow Platform Development 📊

  • Launched Escrow core allocation for use on multiple services;
  • Implemented passing a milestone ID for editing a contract in the request body.

HR Platform Development 👥

  • Completed a study on the implementation of full-text search;
  • Added logic to agree on the time and date of a regular contract;
  • Created an API scheme for the blacklist.


  • a component for selecting the type of contract;
  • the ability to select the type of contract (one-time or regular);
  • a modal window of the company and its vacancies;
  • regular contract type selection;
  • a new contract block for the Job marketplace page;
  • the open contracts page for the company.


  • the performance of replenishment of funds per contract;
  • the work of the “My contracts” tabs
  • the form for editing milestones under a regular contract.


  • Held the AMA session on Telegram Crypto Wolf.

Please note that the PointPay ecosystem has undergone major changes — we have transitioned to the Unified Balance System. This means that all account addresses in the PointPay system have changed, and all old addresses are now invalid.

To ensure the security of your funds, please do not use old addresses when depositing your funds. We are not responsible for any loss incurred due to the usage of old wallet addresses. Thank you!

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