Dear PointPay Family,

Another week has passed, and we would like to announce the weekly update to our community.

If you like to watch more than reading, check out the Video Weekly Update with our CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev. Follow the link to watch it now.

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

Removed the selection of the top-up account

  • when creating an invoice;
  • when receiving a cryptocurrency to address.


  • staking process;
  • PNL performance;
  • localization on Payments screens;
  • Send Crypto by email and wallet;
  • the UI flow on the “Services” and “Payments” screens;
  • sending funds to Savings Account in the “Transfers” section.

Following changes in the Single Account

  • changed the display of the Dashboard;
  • implemented updated transfers;
  • made changes to the Buy/Sell Crypto flow;
  • Quick Exchange flow.


  • KYC limits;
  • the ability to send funds between Savings and Regular accounts using the “Send” button;
  • validation of the entered address when sending funds through “Send by Wallet”;
  • the ability to hide 0 balances;
  • purchase of PXP on the Dashboard screen;
  • ordering a debit card inside the profile;
  • error handling on the Payments screens.

For Android mobile applications

  • Fixed Intercom crash from Firebase;
  • Added a Resend button and a timer when 2FA via email is enabled;
  • Changed “Market” to “Exchange” on the Dashboard screen;
  • Made the “Next” button inactive when entering the amount of cryptocurrency more than available.

Removed the selection of the top-up account

  • when creating an invoice;
  • when receiving a cryptocurrency to address.


  • Quick Exchange flow;
  • cryptocurrency sales flow;
  • passcode entry flow;
  • send Crypto by email and wallet;
  • language change after opening and closing a webview;
  • Google Authenticator and 2FA performance;
  • the app performance after the return from the Intercom screen.
  • display of circles and input errors when entering a password;
  • scrolling on the “Receive To Address” screen. Scrolling now works better on small screens;
  • font color after theme change;
  • sending the appropriate number format to the server in the Quick Exchange flow.


  • clearing RAM storage when changing an account;
  • purchase of PXP on the Dashboard screen;
  • ordering a debit card inside the profile.

Following changes in the Single Account

  • changed the display of the Dashboard;
  • implemented updated transfers;
  • enabled sending funds between Regular and Savings Accounts using the Send button.

Interface Development 💻

  • Added new articles to the Media section on the Home page;
  • Implemented a panel with mobile applications for tablets;
  • Added endpoint for maintenance mode and forced update in mobile apps;
  • Made changes to the texts in the new design of the Home page;
  • Implemented a cookie alert panel in the mobile version of the website;
  • Improved menu display when scrolling sharply on the Home page;
  • Removed the old texts of the Main and adjacent pages in Crowdin;
  • Set up the work of the personal account menu when clicking on your nickname in the Safari browser.


  • menu display in the mobile version of the site by removing the duplicate Home tab;
  • loading images via the IMG tag;
  • performance of the call-to-action button in the Quick Exchange section on the Home page;
  • the Home page interface, namely the display of the tab for purchasing Bitcoin;
  • menu navigation on the Home page;
  • menu display when scrolling sharply on the Home page;
  • validation when changing the password.

Improved the display of details on the Home page

  • header stability when scrolling;
  • removed old components;
  • changed margins;
  • inserted fields headers in the Quick Exchange window;
  • configured the display of texts in different languages;
  • improved “Now your crypto is safe in the PointPay Wallet” block.

Added padding

  • between title and app icons in mobile version;
  • between boxes in the “Create Wallet” section.

CryptoBank Development

  • Updated list of limits for currencies for cryptoloans;
  • Switched to the Unified balance in Accounts; History, and Deposits sections;
  • Adapted the CryptoBank interface for the Unified Balances;
  • Reworked the receipt of the balance for the Unified balances.


  • transitions between pages in history;
  • backward compatibility with the current implementation of the mobile application;
  • interest accrual on Savings accounts;
  • the creation of Gift cards;
  • the visualization of fees in History.


  • SonarCloud for greater code reliability;
  • calculation of the equivalent in USD when withdrawing cryptocurrency.


  • a service that is responsible for the movement of funds between accounts;
  • an endpoint to receive limits on Gift Cards.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Made currency filtering when calculating rates during the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency. This means the user will be able to select only currencies that the payment providers support during the purchase process;
  • Designed windows for a new payment provider Enot;
  • Integrated the new payment provider Enot into the backend;
  • Created the architecture and prototype of the bank card data storage service;
  • Compiled a list of API methods for porting to other PointPay products.

Exchange Development 💱

  • Completed address generation on BitGo;
  • Updated integration with Tradingview for the candlestick workflow;
  • Prepared for release integration with FireBlocks.

Added 9 new currency pairs

  • XRP/BTC;
  • BTC/DAI;
  • ETH/DAI;
  • UNI/BTC;
  • UNI/ETH;
  • XRP/ETH.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Added an API to deactivate a user’s subscription to notifications;
  • Investigated admin panel service for the ability to create a team within project creation rather than in a separate tab;
  • Added table and model for user subscriptions in the backend;
  • Moved the “Presentation” field and placed it next to “Whitepaper” for convenience;
  • Added commands to transfer information about notifications from backend to frontend;
  • Added “Tokenomics” field for Voting projects;
  • Replaced the header and footer design with third-generation;
  • Integrated the Single Account library;
  • Changed and optimized receiving notifications by users on the backend;
  • Optimized the display of tabs with Launchboard projects. Now projects that have changed their status are moved to the appropriate tab.

Added an API

  • to return a list of user subscriptions;
  • to activate a user’s subscription to a notification.

Withdrawals Development 🔄


  • work on all interfaces in the Unified Balance service;
  • integration with the new gateway for creating and replenishing wallets, as well as creating outgoing transactions;
  • the integration with Fireblocks to create new wallets. We have already created more than 100 wallets in Fireblocks.

Started integration testing

  • between the Bank and Unified Balance services (Balance replenishment and Deposits);
  • mobile applications and CryptoBank related to changes in the transition to the Unified Balance (sending crypto by email, buying and selling Crypto, sending funds between Savings and Regular accounts).

Escrow Platform Development 📊

  • Added hiding user emails with asterisks;
  • Changed the location of the sections on the “My contracts” tab;
  • Added padding between the list of contracts and the footer;
  • Completed work on the admin panel for handling disputes.


  • the interface in the admin panel;
  • display of chats with a moderator in the admin panel;
  • the panel for disputes administrator;
  • the appearance of error notifications for the user;
  • contract payment system;
  • the process of publishing a contract;
  • system messages in the chat.

HR Platform Development

  • Added hiding user emails with asterisks;
  • Improved the file attachment system;
  • Adjusted references to the Employee/ Employer spaces in the welcome window.


  • a component to display an employee’s rating on the frontend;
  • an endpoint to create a company;
  • a backend for adding to favorites;
  • modules and routing for two separate spaces: for employers and employees;
  • a page for displaying an employee’s description;
  • a selector for choosing between an employee or employer space;
  • description editing page.

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