Dear PointPay family and community members,

We’ve made many improvements to our exchange, implemented Notification Center for iOS mobile app, improved commission calculations, and continue to keep you constantly up to date. Check out our Tuesday update for more information and details.

Mobile App Development πŸ€–πŸ

For iOS mobile applications

  • Implemented Notification Center;
  • Improved Receive At Address flow;
  • We improved the Receive Crypto flow by removing the Top-Up Account selection;
  • Improved address generation in the Receive At Address flow.

For Android mobile applications

  • Improved application performance after 30+ seconds of waiting;
  • Improved performance of Select Crypto screens after several simultaneous clicks on the crypto picker;
  • Improved app performance after deleting or adding a new fingerprint.

Withdrawals Development πŸ’Έ

  • Improved address generation;
  • Improved address generation requests.

CryptoBank 🏦

  • Updated the statuses of several types of transactions in the transaction history;
  • Optimized getting a list of currencies from Unified Balances;
  • Improved commission calculation;
  • Improved calculation of accruals for savings;
  • Generated all requested addresses.

Exchange Development πŸ’±

  • Changed the colors of the candlesticks on the chart;
  • Removed imported accounts from Gateway;
  • Improved the quote command update;
  • Removed off-chain logic;
  • Released integration with the unified balances service;
  • Integrated ENVs for deployment;
  • Changed the default chart timeframe to 5 minutes;
  • Improved the event visualization component when placing orders;
  • Removed the old classic trading module;
  • Improved canceling an order if its status is incorrect;
  • Improved input labels of the order creation form;
  • Improved input value before zero in the contract creation form;
  • Improved styles in the contract creation form;
  • Improved route for the invoice service;
  • Refactored order sections;
  • Fixed the β€œquantity” field;
  • Updated the menu;
  • Reduced the number of logs for the orderbook;
  • Removed the OrderBookUpdate event when creating an order;
  • Removed PNL storage;
  • Improved trade direction;
  • Improved order form styles;
  • Improved currency purchase card;
  • Improved backlit percentage buttons;
  • Improved insertion point in inputs before zero;
  • Improved value input before point, automatically parsed as a fractional value.

CryptoWallet Development πŸ‘›

  • Improved commission calculation.

Payment System Development πŸ’³

  • Completed the revision of the Payment System for the transition to the Unified Balances service.

Frontend Development πŸš€

  • Improved display of the main menu in the mobile version of the website.

Launchboard Development

  • Improved the layout of the Launchboard project logo output for the mobile version;
  • Conducted research and replaced the implementation of notifications with a new one.

Escrow Platform Development

  • Implemented a mechanism for charging commissions when publishing a contract.

HR Talent Platform Development πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ

  • Implemented the ability to search by list items for a drop-down list with tags.

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