Dear PointPay Community,


On 29th May 2023, PointPay will be conducting necessary technical maintenance to update all valid deposit addresses. Users will receive new addresses for all future financial transactions.

Please take note that after 29th May 2023, the old addresses will no longer be functional, and any funds sent to them will be lost. Rest assured, any existing funds you have will be automatically transferred to the new address. We kindly request you to double-check the destination address when sending funds to prevent any potential losses.

The technical work will involve migrating to a new technology stack and performing related database tasks. As a result of changes in our data processing and storage methods, it is essential to recreate deposit addresses across the PointPay platform. We will make every effort to complete this process promptly and will provide advance notice to minimize any inconvenience caused.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support.

Best regards,

The PointPay Team

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