The Launchpad continues to undergo active development even after the major update. This time, the developers have focused their efforts on introducing a new type of activity - votings.

Votings on the Launchpad allow users to cast their votes, supported by PXP tokens, for one of the answer options. When the voting goal is reached, it doesn't immediately come to an end but continues for some additional time.

All PXP token holders can participate in the voting process. There are two types of votings:

  • Unlimited - Users can invest any amount of PXP in a vote, as there are no limitations. This empowers users to decide the value they wish to assign to their vote.
  • Limited - The maximum amount of PXP per vote is restricted according to the voting rules. Users cannot invest more PXP in a vote than the specified maximum limit.

In both cases, there is a minimum amount of PXP required to cast a vote. For instance, in a limited competition, the restrictions might range from 50 PXP to 2,500 PXP per vote. However, if a user invests less than the maximum amount of PXP, they can add more, but it should not fall below the minimum step.

An important feature of voting is that PXP tokens are only temporarily blocked for a certain period. During this lock-up period, the tokens remain in the user's account, and all the benefits of owning PXP remain accessible even while participating in the voting process!

We hope that this new activity will be well-received by PointPay users and enable us to conduct many essential and exciting voting to address various issues on the PointPay platform.

In addition to decision-making, votings may also come with various rewards! If voting includes rewards, they will be distributed based on the percentage of the user's vote relative to all votes.

The rewards will be credited in the Vesting format. All transfers will be made using Regular accounts - using PXP from Savings accounts for voting or receiving rewards in Savings accounts will not be possible.

Below are the general rules for the current activity:

Voting Eligibility:

  • Only PXP token holders are eligible to vote.
  • Voting power is determined by the amount of PXP available in the regular account.

Voting Units:

  • Each vote requires 1 PXP token.
  • Only whole numbers of PXP tokens can be used for voting.

Voting Duration:

  • The voting process does not have a predetermined end when the goal is reached, it remains open for a specified period of time.

PXP Return:

  • After the voting period concludes, regardless of whether the goal is achieved, the PXP used for voting will be returned to the regular account.

PXP Vesting and User Levels:

  • Voting with a vested PXP will not affect your user level. For instance, if you hold a “Gold” level and vote using all available tokens, your level and associated benefits will remain unchanged.

Voting Types:

  • Limited: Each user has a set number of votes. They can redeem all their votes at once or in multiple increments, as long as it doesn’t exceed the specified limit. Once the limit is reached, further voting will not be available.
  • Unlimited: Users can enter the voting process as many times as they want without any restrictions. There is no limit on the number of times a user can vote or participate in the voting process.

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