We've been getting a lot of questions lately about how PXP User Levels work, so we decided to collect the most common questions and answer them in this article!

  1. What are User Levels?

User Levels is one of the systems that allows PointPay users who have PXP in their account to receive additional bonuses and discounted commissions.

2. What kind of bonuses does User Level provide?

User Level allows you to receive reduced trading and withdrawal fees. The exact percentage of the bonus depends on the level. The minimum possible bonus is 0% and the maximum is 35%.

3. Where can I see all the levels and their bonuses?

To view all User Levels and your current User Level, you need to:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to Settings
  • Open Your Level

The opened tab will show you all available levels and which one corresponds to your current level.

4. How do I obtain/improve my User Level?

The User Level corresponds to the amount of PXP you have in your account. PXPs on your Regular, Savings, and Staked accounts count toward your PXP total.

5. Can I lose my User Level?

The User Level is always equal to the amount of PXP you currently have in your account. So if you withdraw PXP, your User Level will decrease.

6. Does the user level take into account the PXP I've spent on voting?

No, the PXP you spend on voting does not count towards your User Level.

7. Is there anything else I need to do besides having PXP in my account to get the User Level bonuses?

No, you do not need to do anything else. Once the PXPs are added to your account, you will automatically receive the corresponding level and its bonuses.

8. Will the User Level trading fee discount be taken into account if I pay the fees through PXP?

Yes, your fees will be reduced. However, if your PXP falls below a certain level, you may lose your current User Level and the bonuses associated with it.

9. Do User Level bonuses apply to all cryptocurrencies?

Yes, commissions on all trades and withdrawals will be reduced regardless of the cryptocurrency.

10. If I decide to withdraw my PXP, will my withdrawal still be subject to User Level bonus or not?

In this case, the User Level bonus will be in effect at the moment of PXP withdrawal. Immediately after the transaction, your User Level will be lowered and the corresponding bonuses will disappear.

11. Where can I get/buy PXP?

You can purchase a PXP token on 5 exchanges (more information here https://pxp.pointpay.io/) Β or as a reward for participating in certain PointPay activities.

12. Does my PXP balance on other exchanges count towards the PXP User Level?

User Level is calculated only from those PXPs that are on the PointPay platform. They can be on Regular and Savings accounts or staked but only on PointPay in order to be counted towards User Level.

13. Are there any other benefits of holding PXP?

PXPs allow you to receive a variety of different bonuses and features that will be expanded soon!

Right now, in addition to User Levels, you can get the following:

  • Launchpad Voting;
  • Staking to get up to 7% APR;
  • Holding on savings account to get %;
  • Opportunity to pay trading fees in PXP.

What if I have a lot of PXP in my account? Is there a special VIP group for holders of large amount of PXP?

If you hold more than 1m PXPs on PointPay or any other exchange - you can request the support to add you to our special VIP telegram group where they discuss various insider tips, profitable investment solutions, trading strategies and PointPay plans.

This is the end of the list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find answers to your questions in the list, you can ask them in PointPay Telegram Chat or on Twitter and we will answer them for sure!

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