Dear PointPay Family,

We are growing and continuously making great progress in developing PointPay's CryptoBank, mobile apps, and Launchboard. We added nine new currencies, so you can now earn APR on Tether Gold, Theta, Solana, Polygon, and more. We have also implemented initial staking flow for Android mobile apps and support for currencies with tags. Please take a look at our update from Tuesday for more info and details!

Mobile App Development 🍏

For iOS mobile application

  • Improved performance when entering an incorrect password in the Disable Account flow;
  • Implemented opening NFTsky through a web browser;
  • Improved Face ID performance.

For Android mobile application

  • Implemented initial staking flow;
  • Updated the transaction history screen after switching to Unified Balances;
  • Improved KYC conditions.

Crypto Bank Development 🏦

  • Implemented support for currencies with tags;
  • Improved performance of the full loan repayment;
  • Added the project’s label to the transaction history.

Interface Development 💻

  • Updated information in the FAQ section, taking into account the transition to Unified Balances;
  • Tested pressing buttons to download a mobile app on different devices;
  • Сhecked the cookie settings’ impact on the frequency of notifications of the transitions to the Unified Balance and made improvements.

Launchboard Development 📈

  • Implemented a color change for steps in the projects’ Timeline depending on the field value in the admin panel.

P2P Development 🔁

  • Added an API for changing the status (online/offline) of a published ad;
  • Implemented ad creation (steps 5 and 7).

Escrow Platform Development 📰

  • Optimized possible contract statuses in the admin panel;
  • Updated Escrow technology stack version.

Talent Platform Development 👥

  • Implemented the ability for an unlogged user to view the HR page;
  • Implemented a modal window requiring to log in to the account when trying to create a contract or contact an employee;
  • Improved the nickname’s display in the employee’s bio sector;
  • Added the “languages” attribute to the employee’s bio sector.

Please note that the PointPay ecosystem has undergone some major changes — we have transitioned to the Unified Balance System. This means that all account addresses in the PointPay system have changed, and all old addresses are now invalid.

To ensure the security of your funds, please do not use old addresses when depositing your funds. We are not responsible for any loss incurred due to the usage of old wallet addresses. Thank you!

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