Dear PointPay family,

PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev answered the most popular questions from our community. Vladimir summarized the results of the first six months of 2022 and shared our strategic goals for the next half of the year. He also talked about expanding the PXP token utility and our operations in this bearish market.

Below is a summary of the AMA held on the 30th of June, 2022.

AMA Transcript

Vladimir: Hello, everyone. I hope you can all hear me well. Can you see me?

Alina (Host): I can see you now. Should we start?

Vladimir: I’m the CEO of PointPay. My name is Vladimir Kardapoltsev, and Alina is the Head of our Investor Relations. She’s going to help me today. Thank you.

Alina (Host): Hello, everyone. Welcome to our AMA session. We’re so excited to see you all joining us today. Let’s start with current events and news. Vlad, please go ahead.

Vladimir: We’ve had an amazing month. We’ve decided to conduct a new AMA session because we have a lot of exciting news to share. Q2 2022 is almost over, so it’s time to summarize the results. I’m proud of our team and beloved community — your support is priceless.

We’ve decided to show you what we’ve achieved over the last six months. That’s why we’re releasing the bi-annual report today. It was posted this morning, and one of my associates is about to send it out in one of our chats. It’s a short document outlining what we’ve done in the last six months and what we plan to do by the end of the year. I think transparency is incredibly important for all of us. Since I took over as CEO of this company, this has been one of my top priorities.

So without further ado, let’s proceed with what we did in June 2022:

  • First of all, we’ve improved the loading of documents while going through KYC. We’ve explored the possibility of automating the data collection during page loading to increase the loading speed for all products. We need to adhere to industry standards.
  • We’ve also developed a script that automatically measures the screen and speed of the API. The API is the small connector we use to get the data from one point to another. The speed of the API is of utmost importance to us. So we’ve developed a new way to measure the speeds, and if they’re underperforming, we can fix them.
  • We’ve also optimized the loading speed of the website by reducing the icons’ size and removing certain duplicate elements.
  • And we’ve released the new Bug report feature, making it easier for users to contact us. You can find it in the footer of our website. So if you have any problems that you want to report to us, you can simply go to the footer of our website, press “Report a bug,” and fill in a small questionnaire, which will go directly to our developers. One of them will look into it and investigate whether this is something wrong with our website or something that was supposed to happen, etc.
  • As for our website development, we’re ready to release the newly redesigned personal profile pages in terms of KYC and Customer Support settings.

In terms of our mobile development

  • We’ve completed the development of our dashboard and profile — now it’s very intuitive.
  • We’ve also completed the development of the Classic Exchange in our apps. We uploaded the old version, and now we’ve deployed the new version. So you can easily trade in our mobile apps.
  • We’ve also added the new Notification Center, terms and conditions for KYC, and new windows for KYC.
  • We’ve introduced the PointPay Blog. Here you’ll find all the latest news, industry snapshots, and our thoughts. This was available on our website before, but now it’s also available on our mobile apps. You can now read it in native design in our mobile apps.
  • We’ve implemented the PointPay blog. This is where you see all of our latest news and some industry snapshots or thoughts about the industry. It was available before our website, but now it’s also available on our mobile apps. So you can now go and check it out in the native design on our mobile apps.
  • We’ve also integrated NFT Sky, the partnership we announced last month, into our platform. So you can now move from one app to another.
  • We’ve also added the crypto loans section. We’ve revamped how crypto loans work on our website, so you can now take a crypto loan on your phone.
  • We’ve also added a few new assets to our platform.
  • We’ve also implemented the staking mechanism in our apps. Now you can also stake your PXP tokens on our mobile app.
  • We’ve integrated debit cards into our mobile apps.
  • And we’ve also improved the user profile.

Our withdrawal team

  • Has made preparations to disable the accruals on Savings accounts for US citizens in connection with SEC regulations. The Securities and Exchange Commission prohibits us from giving our U.S. customers interest. We had to make some internal preparations to make that fully possible. We’ve emailed all our users about it, and the shutdown is scheduled for today.
  • We’ve also redesigned the bank to version 3.0. We’ve created the information dashboards in Grafana. This way, we monitor everything that happens in our services to improve our business.

Regarding the exchange:

  • We’ve accelerated the work by updating the versions and the language frameworks. The exchange is one of the heaviest parts of our ecosystem because the terminal has so many things that have to load so quickly. So it was loading a little bit slowly. Now it just loads, I think, a second faster.
  • We’ve added about 50 new cryptocurrencies, and by the end of the summer, we want to have about 100 cryptocurrency pairs. Please, someone, post the list of cryptocurrencies that we’ve added.
  • We’ve added real-time updates to all the charts on the exchange and improved the work of the market orders. They were available before, but now they work even better, and the order book has also been optimized.
  • Now we’re working on adding new order types to our exchange, such as fill or kill orders and other advanced orders.
  • On the backend, we’re also making some margin and futures trading improvements.

As for the payment system,

  • We’ve improved crypto operations on Mercuryo, Transak and Moon Pay- the most popular bits of our platform. We made the operations more seamless, and now they’re loading even faster.
  • We’ve also added additional tools for operations and automatic verification of purchase orders and deposit transactions from the payment systems.
  • We’ve also done technical reviews for all requests to the customer support team for certain stock transactions. This has completely cleared our backlog.
  • We also created a new design and started developing seamless payments that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with one click to make shopping easier for new customers.
  • We also introduced new tools for analytics and improving the user experience.

As for our third pillar — the bank:

  • We switched to the Unified Balance System last month but also had to make some new improvements. Now we have fully moved to the Unified Balance System and stabilized the work on it.
  • We have released cryptoloans 2.0, conducted a competitive analysis, and prepared the requirements for the new version of loans. The old cryptoloans worked a bit slower, and the prices were neither friendly. The current daily crypto lending rate is only 0.06%. PointPay token holders will receive lower crypto-loan interest rates on the progressive scale, and the discount percentage on the total amount of PXP tokens will be calculated accordingly. And the PXP tokens could be purchased through other websites, of course, and you can transfer them to our website, and you will get this discount after that. Now we have completely rewritten the whole mechanism, and especially because we have moved to the Unified Balance System, we had to change many things internally to facilitate this further.
  • We have a huge database to upload information to and from; the faster it loads, the better. We have optimized that database so that everything you get loads much faster, and we are also moving towards industry standards.

Regarding our P2P platform — that’s the new product we’re planning to introduce. It’s not ready yet, but it should be available next month. We have started the development of the P2P platform. We have already designed the mobile version of the P2P platform. We are finishing the website version, and the backend is being prepared. So I think you will see a new P2P platform on our website by the next AMA meeting.

As for our Launchboard — it’s completely ready. We just need to make some minor tweaks. But the voting mechanism is ready, and now we can take on new projects. We are in talks with quite a lot of businesses that want to list their tokens and raise money through our platform. I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to announce a new ICO project at the next AMA meeting. If not, it will definitely happen by the end of the summer.

Regarding another product, HR Talent,

  • We released an Alpha version with the basic features similar to UpWork. We announced that we released it in the last few months, but now all the features of the app work, and we’re going to improve it even more.
  • We’ve split the work section into one for the employer and one for the employee.
  • We also added the bio sections for the employer and the employee.
  • We’ve adjusted the logic of the trust agreement to HR Talent’s needs.
  • And we’ve also implemented the tax system.
  • Furthermore, now you can search for jobs or companies by entering the tags.

As for licenses, this is one of our difficulties. The crypto industry is quite an unregulated and overly regulated industry at the same time.

  • Let me remind you that we have obtained the crypto license in Lithuania, under which we are currently operating. We are an authorized cryptocurrency exchange operator and cryptocurrency wallet operator in Lithuania, which allows us to conduct our operations in the European Union.
  • As for the US, we have the MSB registration and the money transmitter license in the US in Wyoming. We are also trying to get the Money Transmitter License and the BitLicense in New York. We are still missing the surety bond we are working on right now.
  • We are also trying to obtain a VASP license (Virtual Asset Service Provider) in the Cayman Islands. So we have all the documents prepared and are waiting for the mandatory AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Policy Officers.
  • Finally, we are also trying to obtain a license in Kazakhstan. We have pre-approval there, and we are working on a full-scale license with AFSA, the Astana Financial Services Authority, the application process is underway, and the technical team is working on all the legal and technical aspects that we need to do to get that license.

Last but not least, we did a burn today. It’s our jubilee burn — we completed the 20th burn of 2,500,00 PXP coins today. You can see the details in our chats with the link to the Etherscan.

With regards to our infrastructure,

  • We conducted the Regular Security Review of our key U.S. accounts and created a set of tasks to align our infrastructure with Amazon Web Services’ best practices.
  • We migrated the ELK service to AWS Openreach, making the Elasticsearch clusters highly available and more secure.
  • We developed the GitLab CI seed pipeline skeletons for Go Golang and the PHP microservices to enable fast, smooth, and well-architected onboarding for the microservices and perform extensive work and cost optimization for our AWS infrastructure.
  • We improved the CI/CD pipelines and servers for multiple Exchange-related microservices, making them more flexible and faster for our developers.
  • We created the PCI DSS infrastructure and the six framework procedures that allow us to deploy the microservices in a fully PCI DSS -compliant environment. This means that we will be able to get the PCI DSS accreditation to be able to issue cards worldwide. This is one of the requirements we have to meet to get the licenses as well.
  • Finally, we have developed a new architecture for our admin service that fully corresponds to the microservices pattern and provides a high level of security. So our platform is completely impenetrable. We have one of the best DevOps departments ever.

I think one of my staff members has already published the bi-annual report, and I hope you all had a chance to read it. When I came to this company, I said, “Guys, we need to be as transparent as possible because crypto can be so murky sometimes.” I talk to you every week and conduct AMA meetings every month. We have nothing to hide, and we are a totally secure company.

So the first thing I did in my three months at the company was to say, “Guys, we need to publish the report of what we accomplished last year.” We released the PointPay Report for 2021. I have asked my team to take care of the report for half of 2022, so you can see what we have done as a company in the last six months. We must ensure that you have invested in one of the best possible companies. We want to be listed on the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, or wherever. For us to do that, we need to be transparent.

  • In the first quarter of last year, from January to March, we added more local languages to our platform and made it more user-friendly.
  • We won two Forex Awards 2021 nominations for the best trading platform and the most mobile trading app.
  • We released the MVP version of our Launchboard project. Now it’s fully completed, but it was still the MVP version at that time.
  • We released the Quick Exchange for our mobile apps.
  • We implemented the new kind of brains for exchange on Golang, the new Matcher, and the Gateway.
  • We added a new payment provider — Moon Pay.
  • We completed three token burns for a total of 6.3 million PXP tokens.

In the Q2

  • We’ve implemented the Unified Balance System. We used to have a whole set of balances, and now we’ve only two in our system — a savings account and a Regular account. That took us a lot of time, and that’s related to rewriting the gateway and the matcher for our exchange. So we reworked the brain, and then we rekindled the platform. Now it’s fully scalable and perfect for accommodating as many customers as possible.
  • We also implemented the KYC process for all of our customers. I know it was open since the fourth quarter of last year, but now it’s available to everyone as long as you have $100 in your account.
  • We also listed our PXP token on the Solidbit exchange.
  • We announced our partnership with NFTsky.
  • We also released a new website and mobile app design to attract new customers.
  • We released the new PointPay Escrow and HR Talent platforms.
  • We added 45 new cryptocurrencies to our ecosystem.
  • We’ve completed all withdrawal requests.
  • We implemented the new crypto loan mechanism, which is also connected to the Unified Balances, the new Matcher, and the Gateway.
  • We have an exclusive partnership with the CoinsRating website — an equivalent to the CoinMarketCap.
  • We also completed three token burns this quarter, totaling 7.2 million PXP tokens. We’ve removed 13.5 million PXP tokens in the last six months from circulation. Congratulations to all of you!

As for our strategic goals for the second half of 2022, our main goal is to fully complete the PointPay Ecosystem and implement the full functionality of all our products by the end of the year. We are committed to providing users with the broadest range of crypto solutions in the world. As we have constantly launched new products, we plan to complete the existing solutions to meet the highest user expectations.

  • We are committed to expanding our network of payment providers so that users can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their preferred methods. In addition, we are working on creating a seamless payment flow, so there will be no interruptions in operations. We are planning to release it at the end of Q3.
  • We want to have new listings on our Launchboard, and we want to list our PointPay token as well.
  • We want to establish new partnerships with NFT and DeFi platforms and other exchanges.
  • We plan to add 100 new cryptocurrency pairs by the end of the summer.
  • We are planning to release our P2P platform. We have already completed most of the development, and it should hopefully be released by the end of next month.
  • We also plan to launch a B2B solution, so businesses will be able to use crypto when they make fiat-to-crypto payments.
  • And, of course, we plan to obtain International Banking and Foreign Exchange licenses.
  • In addition, we remain committed to the Tier 1 listings.

Now it’s time for the questions. Alina, please feel free to ask.

Alina (Host): Thank you so much. We’re all very happy to hear such great news from you. Let’s get to the questions. The first question is, “What does the current situation mean for the company? Should we be worried about the current situation in the crypto market?”.

Vladimir: Well, these days are very unpredictable and worrying for everyone involved in cryptocurrencies. I think we’ve all been pretty anxious lately because we’ve been waking up at night trying to check our phones to see how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices are doing. The cryptocurrency industry has been shaken by the news that companies like Blockfi and Coinbase are laying off their employees.

We fully understand the worries, but we’re still a going concern. We certainly want to reassure our investors and users that PoinPay has weathered the storm, and we’re better than ever at what we do. We’re more than just an exchange or a payment system. We’re an ecosystem with different products. So we’ve diversified our portfolio. We don’t put all of our eggs in one basket. We’re not dependent on cryptocurrency prices, and we continue to operate as usual.

We don’t stop working for a second. I think it’s incredibly great and we’re still determined to provide you with the best products and services. The PXP price is incredibly stable, and we’re doing our best to achieve that.

I want to thank you all for your confidence in our project, so you don’t have to worry. We’re confident that we’ll have our platform ready by the end of the year. And I think the PXP price has proven that. It’s a testament to our community that still supports and believes in us.

Alina (Host): What plans do you have to improve the value of the PXP? Why haven’t you done any airdrops for the holders?

Vladimir: Well, we did airdrops when we had an ICO, and I think we’re certainly past that stage now. I don’t think it is currently relevant for us as a marketing strategy, though. Every single week we have different contests. You can find that in our Telegram. Somebody from the moderators, please post it in the description there.

Alina (Host): “Is there an exchange that we have already paid for and are just waiting to be announced? If yes, what are their tiers?” And then we have a couple more that are similar, which is, “In what month will it be released, or are we going to be released on Tier 1? And have you had any discussions with Tier 1 exchanges?”.

Vladimir: To answer your first question — no, we haven’t paid for any of the services yet. We’re in talks with a number of Tier 1 exchanges. Two of them are quite advanced. They’re giving us tips. They’ve quite high KPI requirements. So they’re saying you need to change that in your system. For example, you need to have a certain number of followers on Twitter or do a certain number of trades per day. So they help us achieve that and slowly try to meet those requirements.

But we’re still waiting for the right time. It’s not quite clear when that will be. At the moment, there’s a bear market. I think it’s not the best time to spend money on such promotions, but we’re still working on it.

We might have postponed a couple of Tier 2 listings, but we’re still working very hard on Tier 1 listings. So maybe in September, I don’t know.

Alina (Host): Hopefully. All right. So the next question is, “As a U.S. citizen, am I able to get daily interest on the NEXO account, but that’s no longer possible with PointPay. Why?”

Vladimir: First of all, NEXO has different licenses and also a different structure. We’re in the process of acquiring certain licenses that NEXO has, but we don’t have them at the moment.

We have the license in Wyoming. We’re trying to obtain the Money Transmitter License and the BitLicense in New York. But we are not able to credit the interest right now. The Securities and Exchange Commission has to give us the green light, which is an incredible amount of work. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that in the future. But right now, we’ve to focus on 95% of our other clients.

Alina (Host): Got it. Thank you. The next question is, “On other exchanges you can pay a withdrawal fee in PXP. This is not the case with PointPay. When will this situation be fixed?”.

Vladimir: That’s a good question and has a very simple explanation. You know, when you buy, you’ve to pay the commission in the cryptocurrency you normally buy. So if you buy PXP, you should be able to pay the commission in PXP. But certain Ethereum networks work a bit differently. I think when we eventually list our token on our exchange, you’ll be able to pay the commission in PXP. But for now, this is how the network works.

Alina (Host): Do you have an objective for the token price?

Vladimir: We cannot make predictions because it’s a free market. We cannot influence the PXP price by law. That’s illegal, apart from improving our products, raising awareness, and doing burns from time to time.

We’re introducing new products this year, so the utility and value of our token should definitely increase. We should also finish our ecosystem by the end of the year. I think that should also have an impact on the price, as well as the new listing of the PXP token on a Tier 1 exchange. That’s my opinion on it.

Alina (Host): Are you thinking about increasing the PXP utility through other projects, i.e., the PXP token could be used for other crypto projects to increase the token’s value?

Vladimir: It has a number of perks and incentives for PXP customers:

  • It enables users to cut the make or take fees dynamically based on the number of tokens they have.
  • An expanded range of banking services is well provided on the most favorable terms. It is still being developed at the moment. Don’t forget, our platform is still in the development stage, so some of those things are not available yet, but they should be available by the end of the year.
  • We’ve expanded the range of the banking services that we provide. We’ve expanded the range of operations for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • We’ve added 45 new cryptocurrency pairs.
  • We do a PXP burning program.
  • PXP token holders have a right to earn high yields on a progressive scale.
  • Furthermore, PXP token holders are entitled to send instant payments within the PointPay ecosystem free of charge.
  • With reduced fees, you get video tutorials.
  • And we’re also introducing the gamification and the badges system soon as well.
  • Currently, we are also developing a new referral program, which will get you higher rewards if you hold PXP tokens.
  • With regard to our new partnerships and listings, you will get certain perks and incentives as well.
  • I can tell you that we are now developing a special program with the NFTsky, so the PXP holders will get certain perks within their platform as well. And we’re trying to make a new NFT collection there as well. So that will increase the utility of our token as well.

Alina (Host): Okay. That’s great news. The next question is, “Does the AMA allow good project visibility? Will you continue to do more?”

Vladimir: Most definitely. We are planning to do more collaborations. We consider more AMA’s, interviews, and reviews as well. Awareness is incredibly important for our project. I think during the aforementioned AMA with the Crypto Wolf, we had more than 3,000 questions, which is absolutely amazing. We also had quite a lot of new users who joined our chats as well, and we will most definitely continue to work with crypto influencers and the media in general.

Alina (Host): Alina (Host): In the scenario of bear markets indefinitely, both in the micro and macroeconomics, what is the basic strategy to make it relevant in the crypto market?

Vladimir: Well, I think I’ve kind of answered that question, but first of all, we shouldn’t panic. We’ve to continue to work as usual. We continue to develop our platform and all our products.

The price of the PXP feels incredibly good at the moment. It’s incredibly stable. It’s actually gone up a bit, and I think we’re getting noticed among our competitors in this bloody market. We have a great future ahead of us.

Alina (Host): Perfect. Thank you. The next question is, “Would it be prudent to allow customers to buy PXP within the PointPay platform using the currently listed cryptocurrencies while still restricting the ability to sell the PXP on the platform until the team seems fit? This can potentially increase volume while also adding more utility.”

Vladimir: Yes and no. I don’t think it’s an incredibly good idea. What would really help would be to list PXP on our own platform, which we plan to do very soon. But as I said, we’re focused on completing our platform and getting a Tier 1 listing, which we are desperately trying to obtain now. That’s the best strategy.

Alina (Host): Are you going to be going to invest in other companies? For example, FTX wants to buy Robinhood.

Vladimir: Yes, we’re considering such strategies. But before we buy other companies, we need to partner as we’ve done with NFT Sky, CoinsRating, and other platforms. We still have a lot to do to finish our platform and make money, and then we could buy other platforms. The money investors have given us must be invested in the PointPay platform. When we make money, of course, we’ll have some surpluses that we’ll invest in.

Alina (Host): The next question is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions, and this is an issue that many members struggle with, “When will withdrawals be fixed?”.

Vladimir: I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. As CEO, I had to make our platform secure, stable, and scalable. We’ve rewritten the Matcher and Gateway and transitioned to the Unified Balance System. The final step is to optimize the withdrawals.

I was hoping to tell you that we’ve completed the optimization, but that will be in the next week or so. We have a special task force that works specifically on withdrawals. At the moment, we’ve to check that you’ve deposited the money, that it’s been properly acquired, and that you’ve passed the KYC verification. Once all these steps are completed, we can release your funds.

We were able to obtain the Lithuanian license because we introduced these bits of security into our system. This meant that we obtained the license, and then our system became slower, but at the end of the day, this problem will be fixed.

I assume that by the next AMA session, I will be able to tell you that we have fixed it. I think it works for about 80% of the people, but if you are trying to withdraw large amounts of money, we have to ask you where you got it from, whether you passed KYC, etc. It’s all part of our security policy and we want to make our platform scam free and protect user funds.

Alina (Host): Great. Thank you for answering that question. And the next question is, “What is the Project Runway? How many employees do you currently employ?”.

Vladimir: We currently employ about 150 people. Some of them work part-time, others full-time. We’re not planning to expand our workforce at the moment. There might be some changes, maybe some new hires, maybe some layoffs. But at the moment I think we have a comfortable number of employees.

Alina (Host): Got it. Thank you. The next question is, “How will you improve testing before releasing an update?”

Vladimir: It’s common for start-ups to release their products quite quickly, sometimes with certain issues and flaws. Big companies like Google or Facebook might launch a product, think about it for half a year, implement it for half a year, test it for another year and then release it two years later.

We’re a startup, and we don’t have that privilege. So when we release something, we test as much as possible in a limited amount of time. But we can miss out on certain things. But I admit that some things do fall through the net.

But that’s how Facebook started too. They had a lot of bugs, then they hired new people and fixed them. When we reach the full functionality of our platform, we’ll eventually be completely bug-free. We’ll get there!

This month we’ve also introduced a new “Bug Report” feature. So if you find anything wrong with our website, I highly encourage you to send us your feedback. We would be extremely grateful for your help.

Alina (Host): That’s a very helpful option for our team to make sure that we troubleshoot everything if people find any bugs. And the next question is actually not a question: “I just want to tell you that you have the most responsive customer service I’ve ever seen. Thank you very much for that.”

Vladimir: Well, thank you very much. I’m very proud of our customer service team. They all answer your questions 24/7. I also do my best to answer your questions on Telegram. Thank you very much to our customer service team. You guys are the best, and I thank you for the praise.

Alina (Host): They truly are. All right, let’s move on. And the next question is, “Why not organize a contest to win the PXP, for instance, every two weeks? It will give people more chances to support PXP and more visibility to others.”.

Vladimir: Well, we already have these contests for $200, so go check them out! We’ll continue to run these contests in the future if they’re successful. But thank you for the suggestion. It’s been noted, and our marketing team will most definitely try to do something similar in the future.

Alina (Host): The suggestion is to add a new function to the exchange, namely copy trading. This is related to another project called Tycoon, which they offer to their users. You could start cooperating with them because no other exchanges offer this option, so PointPay will be the first.

Vladimir: This is a great idea, and we already have it in our backlog. First, we need to introduce margin, options, and futures trading and expand the types of orders we’ve on our exchange, e.g., fill or kill. We’ve also already introduced the stop-limit order, but I think our development team will start developing it in early 2023.

eToro — this isn’t a pure crypto platform, but it does something similar. They also offer copy trading. The implementation will take about a month.

Alina (Host): Awesome. And the next question is, “Can we turn the PointPay wallet into a hot wallet like Binance, Smart Wallet, or Metamask?”.

Vladimir: I think, yes, in the future, it might be possible. It’s definitely in our plans. But as I said, we have to finish our core products first.

Alina (Host): The next question is, “When can we expect the ICO Launchboard to go live?”.

Vladimir: As I’ve already mentioned, it’s already life. It has all the features you might need. It provides benefits to PXP holders through voting. We’re looking for new projects every day. So everything is already working; we just need a good project. For us, quality is more important than quantity. That’s why we’re trying to find one at the moment.

Alina (Host): I think we’re approaching our last question, “What is your vision for the future for the next two or three years?”.

Vladimir: Our main goal is to complete our ecosystem by the end of the year. That will bring us to new heights.

Right now, we have about a quarter of a million paying users. I want us to have at least half a million paying users, maybe even a million. Furthermore, I want us to reach the break-even point. Our goals also include:

  • Make more burns so that a PXP would be worth more than $1, or at least the ICO price;
  • Promote PointPay to all of the markets worldwide;
  • Integrate virtual crypto debit cards;
  • Enter into new NFT partnerships;
  • Launch new projects on our Launchboard platform;
  • Get listed on the Tier 1 exchange;
  • Offer the best trading experience and integrate margin, futures, and options trading.
  • Integrate an API for our exchange, cryptoloans, debit cards, crypto-insurance, and crypto wallets.

Within two to three years, I want us to be among the top five in the current market. My ambitions are incredibly high, as I know we can break this market. Our motto is: “To be a banking provider for 7 billion people around the globe.” I think that ambition defines us as a company.

Alina (Host): That’s right. Okay. Thank you so much for answering all of our questions. I was very happy to hear your voice, and I hope our community was very pleased with the answers. Thank you very much and have an amazing day.

Vladimir: Well, thank you very much, Alina, for facilitating this AMA session. I thank you all the community for trusting in us and for supporting us as well. Go and check out our half-year report. I’ll see you again tomorrow for our traditional Friday updates. So thank you all very much!