PointPay's dynamic growth journey continues, marked by an expansion of our cryptocurrency offerings and innovative storage solutions!

Starting from August 21st, the PointPay platform is set to introduce an exciting addition to our staking options - Cosmos (ATOM). Our ATOM staking program adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Staking Period: 1 month
  • Reward Rate: 8% APR

At the culmination of the staking interval, participants will receive both their staked ATOM cryptocurrency and the associated reward. You can then re-stake the ATOM, enhancing your rewards even further!

How to Begin Staking?

Engaging in staking and unlocking your share of rewards is a straightforward process. First, ensure that you have the desired amount of ATOM cryptocurrency available in your account for staking.

Once your ATOM is ready, navigate to the "Products" tab and access the "Staking Account" section via the top menu on our website. Mobile app users can find this feature by selecting "More," followed by "Earn," and finally "Earn system."

Upon reaching the staking page, you'll need to:

  • Choose the specific cryptocurrency you intend to stake.
  • Enter the precise quantity of ATOM you wish to stake, or click the "max" button if you want to stake your entire ATOM holdings.
  • Verify the accuracy of your entries. On the right-hand side of the website (or beneath the details on the app), you'll find calculated projections displaying the staking period's commencement and conclusion dates, the prevailing APR, the overall percentage of returns for the period, and, of course, the final reward amount.
  • Once you've double-checked everything, confirm your staking intention by clicking "confirm." In a month's time, the staked ATOM will be safely returned to your account, accompanied by an enticing 8% APR reward.
Example of website staking
Example of mobile app staking

About the ATOM Cryptocurrency

Cosmos (ATOM) has long been a featured cryptocurrency on the PointPay platform. ATOM stands as the official currency of the Cosmos project, renowned for pioneering the concept of an "Internet of Blockchains." This innovative approach has led to the creation of interconnected blockchains that not only communicate seamlessly but also foster data exchanges. An additional highlight is the compatibility of Cosmos blockchains with Ethereum and Bitcoin, further broadening horizons for developers and users alike.

In essence, Cosmos mirrors the familiar structure of the internet, complete with diverse applications and distinctive "websites." However, in this blockchain-powered context, every component operates as an autonomous blockchain, enabling decentralization and harnessing the full potential of this groundbreaking technology. Cosmos retains the remarkable capability to facilitate data sharing across various blockchains, an essential characteristic of the future's interconnected digital landscape.

Time to Stake!

We're excited to offer our users the opportunity to stake their assets profitably for short durations while reaping full benefits. We believe that the expansion of staking options and the high APR will allow each PointPay user to securely and profitably store and grow their assets!

Stake now: https://exchange.pointpay.io/staking

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