We regularly update and enhance our staking offerings to stay relevant and provide you with the best opportunities. That's why we're making several changes to our various staking options once again.

Firstly, we're introducing three new cryptocurrencies for staking:

  • FLOW
  • FIL
  • BNB

Each of these assets has a substantial user base, and we are confident in their popularity as staking options! This not only offers investment potential but also additional income from staking itself.

Additionally, many other assets have had their yields adjusted. Some have increased, while others have decreased. We strive to offer you the most favorable conditions, always based on the current market situation. Find an asset that suits your preferences and earn rewards from staking!

Unfortunately, some assets have lost their popularity as staking options. To simplify the functionality, we have removed the staking option for the following less popular assets: USDT, RDNT and LPT.

We hope the updated staking options will open up even more opportunities and benefits for you!

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