Dear PointPay family,
We’re continuing to keep you up-to-date with our progress. We’ve implemented Notification Center for the Android mobile app, improved the Cash Out flow performance for the iOS mobile app, and worked hard to improve commission calculation for withdrawals. Check out our update from Thursday for more info and details!

Mobile App Development 🍎🤖

For iOS mobile application

  • Added dark mode;
  • Implemented the history of orders;
  • Improved the Cash Out flow performance;
  • Improved the Receive At Address flow performance;
  • Improved staking amount display.

For the Android mobile application

  • Implemented Notification Center;
  • Improved the flow of sending push-notifications when sending invoices;
  • Improved currency display when selecting AUD currency;
  • Got back the PNL display;
  • Improved app performance after deleting or adding a new fingerprint;
  • Improved display of the maximum cryptocurrency for withdrawal in the Cash Out flow.

Withdrawals Development ⬇️

  • Completed the development of Quick Exchange for the Unified Balances service;
  • Completed the description of the Unified Balances methods;
  • Completed refactoring/Improved Unified Balance methods;
  • Prepared a description of the handler list in the Unified Balances service.

CryptoBank Development 🏦

  • Edited texts for Unified balances;
  • Improved commission calculation for withdrawals;
  • Improved pagination in transaction history.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Completed design for integration with EHOT;
  • Completed the PCI DSS questionnaire.

Frontend Development 💻

  • Set up the FAQ section in the Google Chrome browser;
  • Improved the interactivity of Quick Exchange on the main page.

Launchboard Development 📚

  • Implemented a user migration command for notifications.

Escrow Platform Development 🌐

  • Implemented the fees page in the admin panel where users can set the commission amount.

Talent Platform Development 👥

  • Implemented a feature to pay for a regular contract (when the employer does not take any action after the payment deadline).

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