As part of our ongoing effort to expand the offering of digital assets, we are pleased to announce the listing of PIXEL - the internal cryptocurrency of the innovative gaming universe Pixels.

Pixels is a groundbreaking blockchain project that creates a fully immersive virtual universe where users can create their own farms, explore worlds, battle monsters, and interact with other players. All in-game assets, whether items, buildings, or even land, truly belong to the owners thanks to blockchain integration.

The PIXEL token lies at the heart of the Pixels gaming economy. With it, players can purchase items and resources, lease land, participate in tournaments and lotteries, and even make suggestions for project development. Essentially, PIXEL is the fuel that drives an entire digital universe.

The introduction of PIXEL on PointPay opens up vast opportunities for our users:

  • Become part of an exciting gaming world from scratch by acquiring PIXEL tokens
  • Safely and conveniently store and manage their PIXEL directly within the PointPay ecosystem
  • Utilize the most advanced trading tools to speculate on PIXEL dynamics
  • Diversify their crypto portfolio with a project with colossal growth potential

The Pixels development team has vast experience in game development and blockchain technologies, making the project extremely interesting. And a reliable technical foundation, ensuring real value for in-game assets, forms a strong basis for the price of PIXEL.

Don't miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of the new wave in the gaming industry! Start exploring Pixels right now, trading PIXEL/USDT is already available on PointPay.

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