The Token Swap is already underway, and numerous users are starting to receive their new PXP tokens! To facilitate the Token Swap, we have returned all staked PXP to users, along with the corresponding rewards.

Staking has become particularly attractive, as we are temporarily boosting the staking rewards for PXP. Witness the growth of your assets with renewed strength, enjoying the benefits of reduced fees for PXP holders!

The conditions are straightforward: any amount of PXP, any of the available staking periods – an increased percentage reaching up to 8% APR! Detailed changes in reward sizes can be found in the table below.

Please note that this offer is applicable only to new PXP tokens and remains active for a limited time! If you have staked PXP at the increased percentage, the rates will persist until the end of the staking period – opt for a longer duration to maximize your benefits!

If you haven't swapped your PXP yet, you can do so on the dedicated page. Be aware that the swapping process may take 24 to 48 hours! If you intend to stake at the increased percentage, act promptly!

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