Dear PointPay family,

In the near future, we are preparing for a significant update to one of the key aspects of the PointPay platform. This update will elevate our platform to a new level, address important issues, and lay the foundation for future enhancements.

On 29 May 2023, the PointPay exchange will undergo extensive updates and will be temporarily unavailable to users for few hours.

During this period, we will be implementing and thoroughly testing various changes to the core data systems. As a result, systems relying on exchange data may experience interruptions or exhibit temporary irregularities. However, all services not directly dependent on exchange functionality will continue to operate normally, ensuring uninterrupted access for our users.

Please note that any open orders at the start of the maintenance window will be automatically canceled and the funds will be returned to users' accounts. We kindly advise you to cancel or refrain from placing new orders shortly before the scheduled maintenance begins.

Thank you for using PointPay services and staying updated with the news!

PointPay Team

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