PointPay continues to evolve and expand, bringing a series of exciting updates recently. Our platform is now introducing a variety of new cryptocurrencies!

One cryptocurrency that deserves special attention is RNDR, created and developed by the non-profit organization Render Network Foundation. Starting from August 8th, this cutting-edge cryptocurrency will be accessible on the PointPay platform!

The core concept behind the RNDR token and the entire project is to empower users with the ability to leverage or contribute GPU computing power for rendering state-of-the-art 3D graphics.

Rendering is the process of creating an image using specialized software based on 3D or 2D models, enabling the achievement of stylistic or highly realistic visual results. Animation rendering involves creating multiple images to produce captivating animated sequences.

Today, the majority of 3D artists, spanning from enthusiasts to industry professionals, grapple with a constant scarcity of computing power when executing the final image rendering. The rendering process places immense demands on computing resources, causing image processing on average PCs to take hours for high-resolution outputs. Meanwhile, animations are typically rendered on "render farms" equipped with hundreds of GPUs to handle the workload for users.

RNDR presents a state-of-the-art, decentralized solution powered by AI to tackle the challenge of computing power shortages. Rather than relying on a centralized farm, the company offers a platform for pooling and utilizing dormant GPU resources owned by individuals.

In addition to the decentralized peer-to-peer network that facilitates computing power distribution and rendering, RNDR offers an avenue for creating services and applications for the digital economy, including next-generation digital rights management (DRM), artificial intelligence (AI), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This opens up exciting possibilities for the future of digital content and creative endeavors.

Management of RNDR

The governance and development of the RNDR token and network also involve active user participation. Through the creation of the Render Network proposal (RNP) tool, the Render Network Foundation conducts transparent voting to address crucial project development matters. The history of such voting is publicly accessible on the website, promoting openness and inclusivity.

Moreover, individuals keen on taking a more active role can deploy their customized RNP solutions to tackle specific tasks and challenges.

RNDR's Potential

When discussing a cryptocurrency designed to address a specific problem and harness a unique set of technologies, understanding its potential and prospects becomes essential - and in the case of RNDR, the outlook is promising.

RNDR's primary focus lies in providing robust computing power for the processing of 3D graphics. In today's modern world, 3D graphics are ubiquitous, utilized in various industries and applications, such as:

  • Enriching visual experiences with captivating special effects and graphics in films, animations, and advertisements.
  • Streamlining image and video processing for creating engaging media content.
  • Facilitating cutting-edge scientific research that involves complex simulations and modeling.
  • Enabling immersive gaming experiences, powering applications that leverage 3D graphics, and supporting cloud-based services.

However, RNDR's potential extends beyond these applications. With the flexibility to harness additional computational resources, the technology can be utilized for diverse purposes, including blockchain deployment and AI-related tasks.

As the demand for 3D graphics continues to surge, RNDR positions itself as a crucial player in advancing progress. This trend is exemplified by the remarkable growth in the stocks of NVIDIA, the world's leading GPU manufacturer, over the past year.

NVIDIA stocks TradingView

Over the past 3 years, NVIDIA's revenue and market capitalization have experienced remarkable growth, primarily due to an exceptionally high demand for GPUs.

NVIDIA Revenue
NVIDIA Market Capitalization

Computing power is now as indispensable to the modern world as electricity. Without adequate computational resources, it becomes practically impossible to operate effectively across various sectors and domains. This dependence on computing power only continues to escalate with each passing year, as graphics and technologies advance and evolve.

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