Dear PointPay family,

Over the past month, PointPay has seen the addition of numerous assets aimed at diversifying our range. We strive to provide each user with the solution that suits them best. As of today, PointPay boasts 106 different assets, forming a total of 165 unique trading pairs!

Let's take another look at the cryptocurrencies recently added to the PointPay platform:

  • STG serves as a decentralized bridge between blockchains, facilitating easy and swift asset transfers across different networks.
  • Cryptocurrency Role: STG is utilized for transaction fees and staking, allowing owners to be rewarded for securing the network.

  • BAND Protocol is a decentralized oracle platform, providing real-time access to reliable data for smart contracts.
  • Cryptocurrency Role: BAND is used for oracle services and staking, enabling owners to be rewarded for network security.

  • JASMY is a cryptocurrency designed for use in IoT devices, ensuring secure and confidential storage and transmission of data.
  • Cryptocurrency Role: JASMY is used for IoT services and buying/selling data on the decentralized data market.

  • Jupiter is a DEX aggregator, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies on different exchanges through a single interface.
  • Cryptocurrency Role: JUP is used for transaction fees and staking, offering rewards to owners for network security.

  • DODO is a decentralized exchange using a constant product algorithm to ensure liquidity pool stability.
  • Cryptocurrency Role: DODO is used for transaction fees and staking, providing rewards to owners for network security.

  • Orion Protocol is a decentralized exchange aggregating liquidity from various exchanges and DEX, offering users access to the best cryptocurrency prices.
  • Cryptocurrency Role: ORN is used for transaction fees and staking, allowing owners to be rewarded for securing the network.

All these assets are now available to all users! Additionally, on the exchange, these assets are traded paired with USDT. But that's not all! Besides these new cryptocurrencies, PointPay has introduced new trading pairs with already listed assets! In the past month, we've added 5 new pairs with USDC:

These new opportunities reflect our commitment to continually expanding user possibilities. By the end of this year, our goal is to reach 200 assets and 300 trading pairs on our platform! In the meantime, feel free to explore the assortment and try out new cryptocurrencies and trading pairs on the PointPay exchange!

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