The cryptocurrency market is beginning to recover from the recent drop in value. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, grew by 4.4% over the past 24 hours, while Ethereum increased by 5.8% during the same timeframe. 

Source: CoinMarketCap. BTC to USD 7-days price chart.

Some cryptocurrencies show even more notable growth: PointPay's native token increased by 72%, from $0.022 to $0.038 in just a few days!

Source: CoinMarketCap. PXP to USD 7-days price chart.

The price of the PointPay native token can be affected by several factors:

  • We created a high-quality product and now focus on marketing efforts to reach more users and partners. Furthermore, we are constantly developing new products and solutions that not only attract more clients to our ecosystem but also expand PXP token utility.
  • The widespread adoption of PointPay services will increase the number of transactions made using the platform. This, coupled with low fees and quick processing times, will lead to a growth in demand for PXPs.
  • By providing our users with a transparent, reliable, and secure way to manage their finances online, we will continue expanding our client base worldwide.
  • We are creating a deflationary economy by burning tokens, thereby increasing the scarcity and value of PXP. From the start of the burning program, we have removed 29.9 million PXP from circulation in 20th burns.
  • A community of like-minded people who joined us on our journey from the beginning is crucial for our success. These people share our vision and belief in the PointPay team, thus supporting the PXP token value.

PointPay’s vision is to provide universally accessible crypto banking services, enabling financial freedom. The PXP token lies at the heart of our platform, acting as a means of exchange for PointPay’s ecosystem. It’s a utility token that can be used to maximize the benefits of PointPay’s platform. Besides earning profits when the price of PXP grows, our investors also help improve the global financial system.