The listing of the PXP token on MEXC, led by the Kickstarter company, has come to a conclusion! The active support from our users, along with the media attention surrounding the PXP listing, has truly made this event significant and exciting. We are thrilled to announce the successful listing of PXP on MEXC!

As of now, PXP is already listed on the MEXC platform! Users who supported the listing campaign are receiving their rewards and airdrops. Once this process is completed, PXP will become available to all users on MEXC!

Trading for PXP begins today! In just a few hours, PXP will be added to the MEXC exchange, allowing you to explore new possibilities firsthand. Undoubtedly, this broader audience will further boost the popularity of PXP!

The listing of PXP on MEXC marks an important milestone for us. The presence of PXP on a Tier-1 platform not only expands the opportunities for our users but also attracts new investors and traders, enhances trust and adoption of PXP, and successfully achieves the milestone of listing on a Tier-1 exchange.

We express our gratitude to everyone who supported this listing! Additionally, we warmly welcome new users! PointPay has a bright future ahead, and we hope you will continue to join us on our journey to success!