The Weekly Update is ready for you to read! Among the most interesting changes: we completed a redesign of the Deposit, Quick Exchange, and Transfer flows on Android as well as improved the User Levels backend. In addition, we optimized balance service queries within Transfers and Staking.

Check out the full update for details on these, as well as all the other changes for this week:


  • Canceled suspended withdrawals of SOL cryptocurrency;
  • Finished setting up the BitGo-Test environment;
  • Improved logging of HotWallets transactions in Gateway;
  • Completed Docker Image Grafana preparation;
  • Uploaded all hanging deposits from Go Gateway to Unified Balances.


  • Raised integrations with three payment providers in a test environment, rewritten into Go language;
  • Rewrote the command for regular data updates for all the payment providers in the Go language;
  • Developed  collecting of statistics on CryptoBank's services in the test environment;
  • Optimized a number of queries to the balance service related to Transfers and Staking;
  • Completed a design to improve the Withdrawals and Order History flows.


  • saving Buy/Sell Crypto commissions in every transaction for statistics;
  • the Regular page, which will contain information and actions with the main accounts.


  • Improved the Order Book design;
  • Finalized the part of public API, focused on the Exchange;
  • Created Admin Panel for the Trading Competitions.


  • design of Market activities;
  • hot reloading of configurations for most services.

Mobile Apps


  • Split Face ID and Touch ID into two different alerts;
  • Added forced alerts about Face ID/Touch ID turning on;
  • Added ability to delete avatar in Edit Profile flow;
  • Improved 2FA code request to send cryptocurrency in Send To Wallet and Send By Email flows.


  • Added a History tab where all Regular and Savings account transactions are displayed.

Completed a redesign of the

  • Deposit flow;
  • Quick Exchange flow;
  • Transfer flow.


  • Edited the current action buttons on the Dashboard;
  • Moved Storyly under staking at Dashboard flow;
  • Changed the New Year icon to a regular icon.


  • Blog, Launchpad, and Crypto School buttons on the Dashboard;
  • animations throughout the Deposit flow.


  • Updated the documentation on the new 2FA flow;
  • Developed a KYC status update operation and added a regular baseline for this action;
  • Migrated as a separate package within the UI Kit.


  • the interaction between the API Management page and the Exchange;
  • how Authorization works in the mobile version of the site with Safari browser.

the backend for user levels by:

  • Adjusting the correct icon format;
  • loading icons;
  • completing a full model of the current level;
  • updating PXP levels for all users.


  • Created a backend for future banner display on the PointPay Home Page;
  • Completed backend for multiple rounds of a token sale;
  • Reworked the Timeline block;
  • Updated the project's fields design on the token sale.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you next week!

Happy trading!

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