Dear PointPay family,

It's time to share the fruits of our labour! We've implemented a new design for the Contact Us page and prepared the Fees and Limits page in a new design for release. What's more?  We've implemented KYC for all withdrawals and transfers for the P2P platform. Our team also updated KYC tiers for the escrow service. See more details in our Weekly Update.

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Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application


  • the Confirm Payment screen, where users can view detailed information on the seller's payment method;
  • filter by payment method in P2P, so that users can filter contracts by payment method;
  • the P2P tab so that contracts are displayed to users;
  • the logic in the contract creation flow in P2P in technical terms;
  • the ability to edit and delete your ad in the My Ads tab;


  • display of the time zone to the nickname in P2P;
  • a P2P button to the Top Up modal window for replenishing Regular and Savings accounts;


  • the Sell Crypto flow performance so that users can easily sell cryptocurrency;
  • the Payment Method in P2P;
  • displayability of the Contracts tab in P2P.

Improved performance

  • auto calculation of CryptoCollateral value in CryptoLoans;
  • Sell Crypto flow;
  • type filters in the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • date filters in the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • profile layout in the Profile tab;
  • displaying the My Ads tab in P2P;


  • transaction opcodes to new ones;
  • the title in the My Ads tab in P2P in the picker selection flow.

For Android mobile application

  • Highlighted the selected item in the navigation menu in bold;
  • Changed transaction opcodes to new ones.


  • adding a payment method in the Sell in P2P;
  • contract cancelation flow in P2P;
  • the Select Payment Method screen in P2P, so that users can choose the most convenient payment method;
  • P2P payment waiting screen where users can track how much is left until the end of the contract;
  • success screen and feedback on the last screen of the Sell flow in P2P;
  • the Remarks screen in the My Ads tab in P2P, where the user can add a description, an auto-responder for the contract, and the day and time when the ad will be available;
  • Payment Time Limit on the Remarks screen in P2P so that the user can add the day and time when the ad will be available;
  • a result screen in the My Ads tab in P2P;
  • the “conditions” and “autoresponder” fields on the Remarks screen during the contract creation in P2P;


  • the P2P tab where users can view all available contracts;
  • the My Ads tab in P2P;


  • displaying a snack bar when there is a shortage of funds if the user wants to re-open the contract in P2P;
  • a search field in the list of payment methods in P2P;
  • icons for payment methods in P2P;


  • display of selected payment methods in P2P;
  • fiat picker performance in P2P;
  • performance of the filter by payment method in P2P.


  • the black border around the background of the P2P banner;
  • the ability to write letters and special characters in the Amount field in P2P.

Interface Development

  • Implemented a new design for the Contact Us page;
  • Updated Live Roadmap;
  • Completed the configuration of updating the referral program courses for users;
  • Tested the production environment of the referral program layer;
  • Prepared the Fees and Limits page in a new design for release;
  • Improved data acquisition on KYС;
  • Increased the Unit Test coverage to improve the quality of development elements;
  • Applied auto-upload from CrowdIn for the Shared project;
  • Prepared samples and components for layouts of letters to users in a new design;
  • Added payouts for the referral program and conducted additional testing.


  • the anti-fraud task for the referral program;
  • the Sonarqube configuration for the frontend, which will improve code visibility.

Created a letter in a new design

  • a password change confirmation email;
  • with 2FA code confirmation;
  • with confirmation of login to the system from a new device;
  • with the confirmation of successful registration in the new design.

CryptoBank Development

  • Decomposed and evaluated the new CryptoBank Home Page;
  • Analyzed and improved the work of terminating and resuming accruals on Savings accounts;
  • Set metrics for all key stages of the CryptoBank flow;
  • Moved the logic of getting the list of currencies available for banking operations from the Accounts summary;
  • Changed the verification of the type of the recipient's address during withdrawal;
  • Redesigned filters in the transaction history;
  • Made the display of the user's balance in the CryptoBank header and the global ecosystem header identical;
  • Replaced text in push messages of CryptoLoans;
  • Improved the work of gift card commission calculation;
  • Changed the error text about the need for 2FA;
  • Updated correspondence between operation codes and their transfers due to changes in their names in the system.


  • receiving currencies in the list of transactions;
  • cash flow on Savings Accounts

As part of the CryptoBank redesign

  • the calendar in the Transaction History;
  • Letters development;
  • the modal window with detailed information on the transaction in the transaction history;

Replaced the library

  • for settlements in Gift Cards and Invoices;
  • for mathematical calculations in withdrawals.

Exchange Development

  • Finished writing API tests for stop orders;
  • Implemented Iceberg orders, ready for release shortly;
  • Carried out load testing of the Exchange to increase the stability of the system;
  • Improved setting of the transaction amount in BTC for the LTC/BTC pair.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Fixed discrepancies in user deposits;
  • Updated correct statuses for withdrawal requests;
  • Improved the work of the Unified Balances service in terms of processing deposits and withdrawals;


  • monitoring and logging tools in Unified Balances;
  • operational tools to correct discrepancies.

P2P Development

  • Integrated WebSockets into the project, thus laying the foundation for an instant-working chat;
  • Added a reason for canceling a contract to get information from users about possible issues;


  • FAQ for the P2P platform;
  • a framework for the P2P admin panel to add future sections, such as disputes, contracts, and commission management;

Made an adaptive layout for

  • ad pages;
  • payment methods;
  • contracts information page;
  • Updated the header and footer to the latest versions;
  • Improved
  • the work of transactions on the backend;
  • display of time zones for mobile P2P;
  • the display of the modal window with the contract.
  • work with translations - transfers will now work in the P2P section application.


  • KYC for all withdrawals and transfers;
  • an adaptive layout of the ad creation window.


  • API for mass addition of currencies to payment methods in the admin panel;
  • an API for editing payment methods from the admin panel;
  • a field for storing currencies in a table with payment methods.

Launchboard Platform Development

  • Updated header and footer to the latest version.

Escrow Platform Development


  • KYC tiers (KYC-1 for all transactions, KYC-2 for transactions from $1,000);
  • header and footer to the latest version.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Covered all financial transactions with KYC;


  • chat filtering in the messenger;
  • the performance of regular contracts, audited and ensured their work;
  • the work of disputes by adding them to additional places;


  • the display of a card with contracts in "Previously completed contracts" and on the page in My Talents;
  • auto-transition to the messenger when creating a chat.


  • sorting to the Talents and Jobs marketplaces;
  • a backend for sorting on marketplaces and the My Talents page.


  • code analysis and removed unused blocks to speed up the service;
  • testing regular contracts;
  • validation of work with different currencies.

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