Have you read this week's PointPay update yet? It's full of new features and changes! Among the highlights, we can highlight: the addition of White Label, development of a new version of Matcher, and also launch the complete MVP B2B service.

Have a look at the full version of the Update for details about these changes:


  • Added a White Label user attribute to the Scoring, which allows us to automatically audit users who have already been audited;
  • Finalized Single Balances for KYB Limits, allowing us to execute transactions for B2B users.


  • all pending user withdrawal requests in the old Gateway. This allows us to audit client funds and add them when migrating balances.


  • Completed moving Invoice, Gift Card, and CryptoLoan to separate services and mothballed them;
  • Launched the complete MVP B2B service, allowing corporate clients to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrencies, as well as work on the Exchange;
  • Raised code quality to Level 4 in the Psalm service to improve internal standards.


  • sorting of currencies in different parts of CryptoBank, so that our own PXP token is displayed first, and then the other currencies in descending order of fiat equivalent;
  • data transfer to the database as part of the statistics service implementation.


  • Completed development of a method for outputting information from the Market Data service;
  • Released a visual update for Order Book;
  • Finished developing a new version of Matcher and began debugging it. It will increase the performance and fault tolerance of the service.


  • text hints for Orders, now the description of all Orders will be visible in the Terminal;
  • links to trading pairs and missing pairs on CoinMarketCap to display full information about our Exchange.

Mobile Apps


  • Cleaned up the code to speed up the application.


  • displaying project details on Voting at Staking in the Launchpad flow;
  • token purchase flow on Launchpad so that the user can buy project tokens through the app;
  • success/fail flow for buying tokens on the Launchpad so that the user can understand if they bought tokens successfully or if there is a problem;
  • a screen for Stacking PXP for Voting on the Launchpad;
  • a screen with Voting transaction details so that the user can see their transaction in Voting;
  • a generic modal window for the Lauchboard to be used in different features.


  • Added a FAQ section for the Launchpad so that users can quickly find answers to common questions;
  • Improved the display of tokens and prices on the Exchange by removing extra zeros.


  • Live and Upcoming filters for the Launchpad projects window so that users could choose in which statuses the projects were shown;
  • success/fail flow for buying tokens on the Launchpad so the user can see if they bought tokens successfully or if there was a problem;
  • a Voting records page with information about the user's votes.


  • Removed information about frozen products from FAQ and KYC settings so that users only see currently relevant information;
  • Added passing information about a user's PXP amount to implement User Levels on the site;
  • Investigated translation issues on the Main Page and implemented a fix with the SSR connection.


  • navigation after Registration by redirecting the user to the CryptoBank section as a default page to attract them to one of the main products and to use the system;
  • synchronization of KYC levels from SumSub and us so that levels are updated correctly in the system and subsequently with users.


  • a new error message on Authentication with an incorrect password, reminding users who didn't find their Global Password Reset email to be notified of the possible reason their password didn't match;
  • environments on the backend to move to native SumSub when going through KYC, which will help avoid many difficulties when sending documents, photos, etc.


  • Revamped the Home page to make it more presentable;

Updated the “Apply to Launch” module by

  • making two forms to fill out instead of one;
  • making the process more intuitive.

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